Pre-Summer Progress

Pre-Summer Progress

Pre-Summer / Oregon False Summer is here in full fever. Allergies are keeping my head fuzzy with their annual occupation of my sinuses and the sunny & warm weather has folks running around mowing the grass and tackling pre-summer outside projects. I have been slowly cranking down my todo list over the past couple weeks. I have to say that the weather has been keeping me optimistic about stuff I need to get done lol.

I have been working on trying to get all the AD Mech I have assembled and playable… until I sort of got distracted with assuming a couple Dark Eldar items I had.

Drazhar and Base build

The fact that the AD Mech 9th ed codex is on the near horizon doesn’t help. Actually, that new codex was announced for Pre-Order next week – so I feel sort of justified with holding off on more work on them.

But I did get a few things assembled and started with paint.

I finished basic assembly and base paint on this Archaeopter Stratoraptor – enough so I could get some game time with it to feel out how I need to use it in play. Of which I had another game (probably last Ad mech game in a bit)

It was a fun game – but the dice absolutely killed me – and I ended up getting nearly tabled before we called it. With the 9th ed Ad Mech codex on the horizon – it really is hard to tell how this army will do in 9th against marines. But as with all new editions of the game – the codexes that come later in a new edition tend to fair better as the edition matures. Codex creep will bring balance at least mid-way through the release schedule in the next year or so.

I also started building and getting base colors on Belisarius Cawl – such a cool looking mess of Ad Mech in this one figure. I am planning on having him ready to add to my list when the 9th ed codex drops.

This last week I have been turning my attention back to working on my Micro-Gaslands travel case – I have been contemplating steps for this for quite a long time this winter – and I feel like I really just need to get done with the first iteration at this point. Hesitation over perfection has really been a thorn in my side since I was a young hobbyist – I am trying to push through it. I picked up some metal sheets – for my 2’x2′ board and sprayed it with some rubberized dip paint. I then added some other grey and tan for a base coat before I spend to much time detailing it out. The metal board will allow me to magnetize the race gates and terrain – so things won’t get out of place when the board gets bumped.

I am hoping to get this thing together in the next week or two so I can take it out on some test trips. I got my 2nd COVID shot last Friday – so in a couple weeks I am hoping to get out more.

In light of my COVID vaccination – I warmed up my 3D printer and printed this little project. A Multi-pass (add link) (The 5th Element). My wife wanted one too – and then I needed to print a few more for others folks lol. It was a fun little one-day build – printed in about 3 hours – then glued up – and primed – then painted after all was good and dry.


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  1. […] Pre-Summer Progress @ Torg’s Blog – Drazhar is such a pretty miniature, isn’t he? Love all the cool Adeptus Mechanicus stuff in here, especially the Archaeopter. I feel that when I gave the Ad Mech a go last edition, I didn’t really think it through and ended up with a pretty uninteresting force. If I return to them, I need to grab some of the more interesting units like that one. Good start on Cawl there, too. […]

    • Yes – I am trying to be patient with Drazhar – I hope to start painting on the Drukhari in a few weeks. Happy that this time around with the codex I am really just adding a couple things to paint lol. With the new Ad Mech codex being on pre-order this weekend – I am trying to not suffer from too many projects – indecision syndrome lol. I have a couple more things to do for the Ad Mech – but the codex release will inform my final decisions on the urgency of those things needing to be moved up in the cue.

      thanks for the mention!


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