This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19

Here are a few things from the last couple weeks within my hobby sphere. Arena Rex - This didn’t happen this week or last week. But I started teaching my daughter to play Arena Rex over the past holiday.  We had a fun time with this wonderful game.  I have yet to have time to… Continue reading This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19

40k League Final – 6.30.18

This past Saturday the game club held its final pizza party league raffle final gathering. We would do army paint judging and raffle off prizes. Also we ad drinks, ate pizza and talked about our shared hobby. Here are some shots of the other forces brought to the gathering ... I didn't include shots of… Continue reading 40k League Final – 6.30.18

Black Friday Apoc – 2014!

We held our annual apoc game on black friday (nov 28)... At WoW in Portland, OR. It was great fun - I had a blast. The phantom titan was beastly - and I think I will not take it to another Apoc event unless there is another giant titan to spar with. The combined forces… Continue reading Black Friday Apoc – 2014!