A New Year — in Hobby

2021 ... will this year be a better year than the last one? Hard to say at this point (4 days in). But hope springs eternal ... right? Well I had set about thinking about this post with thoughts of resolutions and things like that. But I had read a few blogs I follow and… Continue reading A New Year — in Hobby

Lockdown Fatigue /or/ The Sequestered Hobby #5.0

Well in and out of lockdown here locally … rinse then repeat seems to be the way over the last month or two - maybe 3, 4 or more? Anyhow, I haven't been gaming since the last lock down notice locally about 3-4 weeks ago. My hobby area has become a bit of a mess… Continue reading Lockdown Fatigue /or/ The Sequestered Hobby #5.0

What’s New — In My Hobby…?

Well another month has seemingly swiftly slid by me... I have to admit that time just feels like it is dragging in each moment day to day. But when I look up from the grindstone I realize that weeks have flown by. Getting older I guess - time plays tricks on you. What is new… Continue reading What’s New — In My Hobby…?