This Week in Hobby – 9.16.16

It's turned into a sorta busy week of hobby stuff.  I figured I should post up an update today before this post got to be to large.  First, after the BloodBowl match last week I ended up with one goblin advancing with a new gained skill. I opted for "catch" ... mostly because I had… Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 9.16.16

This Week in Hobby – 9.6.16

Looking ahead ... And looking back. That's kinda my theme of thoughts currently. I'm trying to wrap up some projects. And trying to get other things started.  The first things that got done this past week we're finishing up my revised BloodBowl Goblin team.  I've joined a new league which starts this week. And I'm… Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 9.6.16