What Is Happing … Blog fade?

I didn’t mean to fade out for the last 2 months… but somehow that is what I did.  It all starts with good intentions and trying to buckle down and get stuff done.  Soon I realize I am bogging down and just don’t making progress.  I did catch some crud and was sick for a…… Continue reading What Is Happing … Blog fade?

The Big Project – part 3: Still a Mess — 02.11.19

Well I have been continuing to plug away at this project.  And I am growing annoyed with my lack of real hobby / painting time… so I have really been trying to find ways to speed things along.  To which after the last weekend I have started to formulate a new plan… more on that…… Continue reading The Big Project – part 3: Still a Mess — 02.11.19

My Hobby Life … What’s Next – 11.09.18

Aside from all the yurt work, I have still been thinking a lot about my hobby life.  Things are kinda easier for me to think about when I am outside my normality. Working with my hands, fiddling with tools so fix or complete some known task before me… I can reach a non-stop interior monolog…… Continue reading My Hobby Life … What’s Next – 11.09.18