Ynnari / Harlequin Army

Ok, here it goes, a photo log of my finished army for the 2019 OFCC.  I would like to say that most of this army is done.  But, it’s not.  I will go back into the Bright Stallion to pull out the highlights which seemed to have gotten lost after my midnight flat clear coat…… Continue reading Ynnari / Harlequin Army

Deep in Army Prep

Sorry folks — I’m buried in trying to finish my army before the OFCC team event starts this coming Saturday morning (8.17.19). I’ve been making steady progress… I’ve just not had time to sit and post to the blog. So, without much else to say – here are some progress photos of my army -…… Continue reading Deep in Army Prep

This Week in Hobby

I have had a busy week (including last weekend) of conversion work for this new OFCC army.  I have been listening to a podcast that my friend Lance turned me onto called SplinterMind – which is a Dark Eldar / All kinds of Eldar podcast.  Last couple episodes were great listening to while I was…… Continue reading This Week in Hobby

Hobby Progress – The OFCC LIST

Well another few weeks have slipped by and I have not made a blog update.  Friends are in town and my daughter is here for her summer visitation time as well.  then the American summer holiday really kept me busy. OFCC – right out of the gate I am under the gun to really push…… Continue reading Hobby Progress – The OFCC LIST