The Real Trouble With Projects …

It’s that I get to many projects … and the new “shiny” thing catches my eye – and soon I am back-burnering some other forgotten project for the new project that has me emotionally invested. That isn’t to say I won’t someday go back to the old project. But knowing myself as a hobbyist for over 45 years I know I sometimes let things drop. Unfortunately, the blog is the latest victim of my wandering interests.

I have been doing stuff – I just haven’t been blogging about stuff lol. So this post will try to pull the last month or so together. So I can move forward with normal posts instead of trying to remember where I was 4 weeks ago on a project lol.

First off… here is the Dunecrawler … I finished the base – and got it all painted with magnet set up on the turret. I had this extra building piece which was perfect for the war torn look of the mars base.

I also spent a weekend building this Ironstrider –

I played a couple games in the past month – trying out a few different items. Here is a gallery of the photos from the action.

In the last couple weeks I acquired this additional GW set of terrain and spend some time building and getting paint on it. The building is nice and big for line of sight blocking. The statue will also provide some interest. In with those two I finished painting the trees.

Last things I have been doing is an update to the shop utility sink. I picked up a small on demand hot water unit and redid the plumbing to the sink. In adding hot water I needed to redo the faucet as well. I didn’t want to spend the kind of money they wanted for a simple tall neck faucet – so I pieced together this from a few bits and odds and ends I had.

The selection of pipe and fittings worked out – to allow me to fit the sprayer into the middle. I had to mount a chunk of wood to allow for spacing to get the fittings to tighten up onto the sink.

That’s about where things are for me. I have picked up the new Dark Eldar (Drukhari) codex after it was released. It is the new shiny project sitting on my workbench. I have ordered some bases for the new Drukhari Combat patrol box figures to match what I had done on my Yanari / DE / Eldar army from a couple years ago.

I plan to match these bases with the grass and flowers – maybe a bit more blood on the incubi bases lol. I will also pull out and paint up more of these older reaver jet bikes to fill out an DE only force. Probably a Wyche army – at least to start.

But here again — is the problem with projects … where to stop and where to start. My current plan is to finish painting the Ad Mech army. The new codex is supposed to be coming soon. So that makes it easy for me to stop building anything for the army. Only thing I have to finish building for the Ad Mech is the Stratocopter – which I am about half way through the build and paint on.

AFTER – the AD MECH is done – and only after that – I will start new work on the Drukhari. Luckily – the resin bases I ordered will take a month do get to me lol.

I am in the midst of forcing myself to wrap up a few other projects before I look to start anything. I got my first vaccine shot this week – so I figure I have a couple months to really dig into my backlog of projects.


One response to “The Real Trouble With Projects …”

  1. As much as I’ve always been impressed with your painting which has only become better, I have to say what really jumps out at me is the attention to detail and how awesome your bases have evolved. The sand, grass, skulls etc on the bases just really completes the figure(s) and makes the overall impact that much more impressive.

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