The State of my Hobby – 03.26.18

Well It has been roughly three months since I set about to change the state of my hobby... I thought it was time for an update as to where I am within my hobby and to adjust my outlook if needed. It all started with last year being a bust as far as gaming went.… Continue reading The State of my Hobby – 03.26.18

Another Week (or so) in Hobby – 2.2.17

Well, winter has relented for the last week or so. Snows are all melted for now so I got out for a couple of chilly rounds of disc golf.  On the hobby table nothing has really changed. I hadn't really gotten time to do much hobby stuff. But I did get my long awaited Kickstarter… Continue reading Another Week (or so) in Hobby – 2.2.17

This Week in Hobby – 04.12.16

A quick update to things ...     I finished up this bike for my Mavericks unit. I should be able to get the rider done this week as well.   I also finished up these two minis last week ...   The Dozer, Field Engineer with his Traktor Mul Control Device.     And this guy ...… Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 04.12.16