The Big Project — part 5: Transformation – 02.28.19

It has been a bit over a week… and over last weekend and parts of this week I have really felt like I turned a corner on this project.  Granted this is only 3/4 of the room redone… but it is really coming together. I finished putting the higher shelves up late last week and… Continue reading The Big Project — part 5: Transformation – 02.28.19

The Big Project – part 4: PROGRESS — 02.19.19

Finally, I feel like I have broken through the malaise… an I can see the light at the end of this project ahead.  Clearing the room from everything in my way as I had talked about last time was the difference.  I simply didn’t have to stop this weekend - I could push though each… Continue reading The Big Project – part 4: PROGRESS — 02.19.19

The Big Project – part 3: Still a Mess — 02.11.19

Well I have been continuing to plug away at this project.  And I am growing annoyed with my lack of real hobby / painting time… so I have really been trying to find ways to speed things along.  To which after the last weekend I have started to formulate a new plan… more on that… Continue reading The Big Project – part 3: Still a Mess — 02.11.19

This Week in Hobby — 04.24.18

Well it's been a busy couple weeks for me. As of last February I was a temporary employee for the company I work for. Long story short ... The company I work for was sold, the new owner group decided to shut down several locations including my workplace plant. We had 90 days before the… Continue reading This Week in Hobby — 04.24.18

Bright Stallion — project pt.2

I didn't get to much done on the project yet this week. But I did get a start on the torso.  I had picked up the Forge World Skathach Wraithknight a couple years ago ... again specifically for this project.  I felt that it's variant of the normal WraithKnight would be an advantage to keeping things… Continue reading Bright Stallion — project pt.2

Bright Stallion – project pt.1

Yes, the project that I've been dreaming about for years ... perhaps over a decade is finally coming from dreams to physical form. It has been a long time in the prep work on this ... and gathering the various parts. It all started with me seeing some Bright Stallions made from a wraithlord base… Continue reading Bright Stallion – project pt.1