This Week in Hobby — 06.21.22

Another week slides by - and now here is summer. My best laid plans for pre-summer have not yet come to full fruition - I was hoping to wrap up the Kulkulkani painting - but yet that seems to be fully stalled now. I had thought I would take them with me to finish when… Continue reading This Week in Hobby — 06.21.22

It’s been a bit … the blog, as does life, continues

Before I dive into the long catch up blog post I wanted to reflect on things in the real world. The first is a person I know (have known for over 40 years) died in a single car traffic accident last month (icy road / early morning). This person wasn't super close to me -… Continue reading It’s been a bit … the blog, as does life, continues

November Hobby Wrap-Up

Well it has been another long stretch without a blog update. So before this month is over I wanted to get something up on this blog. I have been busy - with life and hobby stuff… here is the basics of what got done in my hobby over the last 3-4 weeks. The first thing… Continue reading November Hobby Wrap-Up