Summer Hobby — pt.1

Summer has nearly arrived… we dealt with a mini heat wave that lasted a week or so – 90º ‘s in June isn’t typical for the PNW. Things have settled down over the last weekend with nearly a full inch of rain so far. Which is good because we are staring at a drought here in the western US.

I’ve been been up to a few things since last I posted up something on this blog. It seems to have been a fairly busy last few weeks.

I spent some time reorganizing my hobby / project area. I wanted more room on my benches and I was unhappy with my ability to keep my 3d printers climate controlled where things were. I needed to build an enclosure to at least start getting some control over things been too cold in the winter – and try to stabilize things a bit more in the summer. Rather than building a structure to sit on my bench I decided to convert a shelf on my heavy duty (4′ wide x 6′ tall x 2′) deep shaving unit.

After the initial thought came to me – I instantly had ideas of moving both printers there – and adding acrylic panels – with a sliding front set of doors to the front. I added magnets to the panels so I could break things down if needed.

I moved all the devices and extra peripherals onto the shelf and added a good power strip with breaker fuse. I then added some LED strip to the top of the open area (on the bottom of the shelf above) and had lighting controls. I am still tinkering with it – but so far everything seems to be working well.

I have had two games of 40k in the last few weeks – mostly due to me or my normal opponent being under the weather (both of us a week apart got our second COVID shots). Both games were with the new Drukhari Codex and my Wych Cult. The first game I lost a close one – mostly because I kept forgetting the new rules and things that my army could do. And as well as not anticipating how fast they actually are lol.

In the second match I basically tabled his marines by the end of the 3rd round. I went first – and my dice started hot… and I destroyed his predator the first turn – and that was really huge for his ability to bring down my ravagers. We play at 1500pts – mostly to keep the games small and interesting without lasting too late into the night.

I am loving the Drukhari thus far – and am busy putting together the last few elements of my re-vitalized Dark Eldar Yanari faction into a fully sized Drukhari army of its own.

Over this past weekend I pulled out some bits and customized my own Archon. Along with that I assembled some Wracks, Incubi, scourges and Lelith. My hope is to have a playable force at 2000pts without the big guns (Drazhar & Lelith Hesperax) to lean on. I can see playing this army for awhile as it really fits my wanting to get up close and aggressively so… something that really gets me into trouble with the Mechanicus army.

I did pick up the new Mechanicus Codex – and lots of things changed – which will require my core Ranger troop units to be revamped. I currently have sidelined this army until I wrap up Drukhari painting before getting back to change things with the Ad Mech.

Visitation with my daughter is coming soon – so I anticipate playing some Dark-Age in the next month or so. They were also sorta interested in 40k last summer – so I may try to get them to try it. We will also try out some smaller skirmish games if we get time as well.


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