March On!-Desperately Seeking Spring

Well I did not intend to be silent for the last month or so – but things happen. First we got a winter storm in the Pacific Northwest (a week before the infamous Texas winter storm). We are in the valley and had an ice storm – leaving us without power for over 5 days. Ice covered everything and broke lots of limbs on the trees.

The mess took us a week or more to clean up – and prepare for yard debris burning season to start on March 1st. We cut up things large enough for next seasons firewood. We ended up with slightly over a half cord of maple, cherry and some fir.

The week before last I was sick with a 100.4º temp – got tested and came up negative for COVID – but was sick and home for a week regardless. After all that I am a week back to a sort of normal again. Some 40k and Star Wars RPG scheduled for this weekend.

I picked up a Warhammer tree terrain kit right before I got sick – and got them assembled and primed for contrast painting. I noodled around and have one tree painted over the last few weeks. I am hoping to get them done and ready for the table in another week or so.

I have finally got notice from Kickstarter that my set of ruined terrain is on its way (from the “Hagglethorn Hollow” KS from 2018). This is great news as I am hoping to have it painted and ready for summer play with my daughter of Frostgrave.

I started building a new tank for my Mechanicus army … I actually started painting this but I forgot to take photos. I will include some updated photos after my next battle tomorrow.


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