Back in the Hobby

I have played a couple games of 40k in the last few weeks – using my emerging Mechanicus army. These battles have been a nice change of pace from the Eldar. I have won both matches – although the first one I took that knight and it was pretty killy lol. The last match things were a bit more balanced and I got the lucky die rolls when I needed them and scraped out a narrow victory.

At this point my army still includes 4 Armiger Warglaives – and they seem to deal with marines pretty well. I build a pair of robots and 2 small ranger units – but the bulk of the work was done by the armigers. And not to forget the termite -which seems to kill what it needs to kill while delivering troops to scoring objectives in the nick of time.

I wanted to point out this Abandoned Mag-Lev Rail and Depot that I have used in the last few battles. I mentioned this before – but I wanted to point out again that this set is from a kickstarter by TinkerHouse Games. I really like the high quality chip board with printing on both sides. Also the die cuts are very clean and overall the set seems very sturdy. Anyhow, TinkerHouse has a New Kickstarter with more Sci-Fi Terrain. These will fit right in with the Rail Depot I already have.

I have my eyes on this Satcom Tower set.

I already have the rail depot – and with that I would like another tall structure that I can balance out things on the table. These abandon printed sets will also work for Dark-Age and Infinity easily. I could also see these used for Zona Alpha as well. – Great sets – that pack well… I am not associated with these guys but I do find their product to be a great value.


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