A New Year — in Hobby

2021 … will this year be a better year than the last one? Hard to say at this point (4 days in). But hope springs eternal … right?

Well I had set about thinking about this post with thoughts of resolutions and things like that. But I had read a few blogs I follow and enjoy — and one of them (Scent of a Gamer) mentioned the futility of new year resolutions lol (in so many words). After the 2020 that we all had I am sure we all are looking forward to getting things back to a “normal” of sorts.

But before I can really think to far ahead into the new year I am hoping to try and get some of my lingering projects from the last year. Here are the current projects in various stages … trying not to be on my back-burner.

First, we have The Bridge of Sorrows set – (the purple dragon & bridge on the left. This set I got a long, long, long, long time ago (late 1980’s). At first I was scared of actually building it – and painting it. I started painting it back there in the day but after a few dozen hours I stressed the model and the dragon snapped at the tail.

My early hobby inexperience with these large heavy figures. I assembled and then painted — until I broke it. I had base colored it, gave it a few colors and painted the bridge. After it broke I put it back in its box and kept it in some dusty boxes over then next few decades.

I didn’t forget about this old project, I just didn’t know that I wanted to try and fix it – and finish painting it. I had visions of disaster. But, slowly over time I had dreams of a diorama with this as its centerpiece. A few years ago I dug it out of the dusty box of shame (one of many boxes – lol) and started to plan.

Last year I drilled and pinned the dragon back to it’s tail. And this year I am planning to get this project finished after three some decades. I won’t plan a resolution about finishing this – but it will be one of my highest goals for 2021.

To the right of the dragon you will see some Epic minis. Damn I so loved epic back when I played it so long ago. Last year I painted a full Imperial Guard Steel Legion. I started painting a Tyranid army after I had finished the Steel Legion, but I packed it up when I headed out on my first road trip across the states to pick up my daughter on her visitation for the summer.

I’d like to paint another Epic army this year, Tyranid, Eldar, Marine or any of them. And with that, I want to get at least ONE game of epic on the table this year.

In this photo … we have some Arena Rex Ludi or factions that I had started last winter. Also some Dark-Age figures I picked up this year. And in the back … my Micro-Gaslands project in a state of limbo.

I will probably move the Dark-Age figures to the rest of the Dark-Age project boxes. At least until I get someone to play Dark-Age again and then I get the spark to work on a faction.

Arena Rex, I want to try and get this handful of figures painted by the summer. My daughter likes to play the game — so I hope to have them done for playing this summer.

Micro-Gaslands, I hope to get that back off the back burner soon. I need to build the case that I will transport the game in – with it’s metal / magnetized game board. I am hoping to wrap this project this up by spring. It is one of those projects that will get wrapped up in a quick fury of creativity … when that spark comes back to me.

Lately, I have been working on my Panoceania for Infinity. I have the entire faction has base colors and I have them all attached to the bases I painted for them. I have started a slow assembly line paint plan with them. I anticipate having these done over the course of the winter.

I started these guys a few weeks ago. Last week, I spent the rainy days & nights getting these two to a good 60-75% point. I will wrap these up as I finish painting the rest of the pano.

Our local lockdowns lightened up right after Christmas. So my local friend and I got a game of 40k on the table in the shop. Distanced and masked up of course. He doesn’t work and is isolated – and I have been pretty solid with my isolation as well.

I threw together a quick list (1500 points) with my Dark Eldar and Harlequin mix. I finally put together this train depot terrain I picked up on kickstarter a couple years ago from TinkerTurf. Wow, this stuff is really nice – the card stock is nice – thick and sturdy stuff. The print is is really nice – and on the table the set fits right in. Love it.

It was a fun battle, we played a mission from the new crusade mission pack “Beyond the Veil”. I was the defender and basically just had to hide and have at least a unit still in my zone by the end. I won on mission objectives – it was fun and I stuck to playing to the objectives for the most part lol.

The first game I had played for over a month, and I felt pretty motivated to work on some 40k stuff. We had another game last Sunday (yesterday) and I decided that I would try out what I had done for my Mechanicus army.

I pulled these guys out of the project tray and finished painting them in anticipation of playing 40k.

It was fun to get out the big knight titan I printed, and the smaller warglaives to fill out my 1500pts. My opponent only has his marine force (looking really nice as he continues to paint them). The battle was fairly lopsided of course. By the end of round 3 we called the game – I had nearly tabled him with the knights tearing the marines to shreds.

It was a fun battle, and the table is looking nice with the train depot and toxic river. We have been playing the river as both difficult and dangerous terrain. The abandoned train depot set has been treated as basic mechanicus terrain (obscuring?). Anyhow, it was fun, and I currently have the spark to paint more Ad Mech units so I don’t have to rely on the knights so much lol.

Looking to the rest of the year … well hoping to have our “American problem / shared 4 year nightmare” over in about 16 days. After the real world ordeals are over – and COVID slides away – I am hoping to get some more games of Infinity in this year.

I also hope to get someone to play some Epic this year. A few voices on the local gamer boards (including facebook groups) have several folks wanting to play some Epic. So maybe it will be more than a dream to actually get to play it this year.


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