The goings-on in my Hobby

I have been in a slow gear on hobby stuff over the last three weeks or so since my last post. I spent a some time playing a game of 40k last weekend. I adjusted my list slightly, adding some Kroot Knarloc Riders as “Serberys Riders”. I really just needed a reason to get these guys built and painted.

I had picked up these three a few years ago – not really knowing where I would use them. In my Ad Mech army these guys will fit in decently as longer range fast harassment units. As with any resin model my first task was to wash all the parts and then start building.

After building them I played around with mounting them on some bases I had set aside. I had to add some extra bits because the feet had a pretty wide stance – so extra cork was needed lol.

After the cork and extra sand was dry I added some Iron Earth and Iron Crust to get a nice dry Mars look to the bases. I then did my dry brushing to match the rest of the Ad Mech I have done so far.

I have been adding a couple Ad Mech extras to them – a comm back pack as well as some normal Ad Mech back things. I am not entirely sure on colors for the Knarlocs – so that will be updated and finalized at a later point.

As I stated – I had a game of 40k last weekend – this time I had a narrow loss. I am set for another game this weekend – and we have raised the points to 1750 per side – so we will see how that goes.


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