Autumnal Changes

Here I am staring the last couple months of 2019 already here.  I’ve tried to take care of things outside before the dicey winter weather dominates things.  So far so good as I think we are in good shape for the coming winter.  Only thing I really need to do is get some non-cedar/cypress wood chopped and ready to heat things in the yurt when the temperatures really dip.  The quick to start and burn cedar stuff is nice for kindling — but it is horrible at keeping things toasty for more than an hour lol.  Luckily I still have some fir and pine laying around for a bit more heat.  Not the best choices – but much better than the cypress thats for sure.  Looking at my current choices of wood – I may need to purchase a load of some alder, cherry or something along those lines.

Anyhow, I am sure these matters are not what my hobby blog is really about.  But it is where my mind has been the last month.  More pressing matters…

I gave notice at my current place of employment last week — the other thing I have been doing over the last month is nailing down this new opportunity.  Same industry (Pre-Press for packaging – boxes … flexo and digital presses).  But instead of my current 35 mile one way commute it will only be 14 miles one way from home.  Saving me over an hour each day stuck in cross town traffic on three of the busiest roads in the Portland Metro area.  (looking at you I-5/ 217 / 26).

The bonus of the new job … only on major freeway for 2-3 miles each way.  And a game store within two miles of the new place of employment with an active group of league nights (infinity, 40k, kill team and others I hear).  Which will be great for getting back to a normal weekly war-game night.

Initially I am looking to pop in on their normal Infinity game night – to dip my toes back into this game to decide if it is something I want to keep as part of my hobby menagerie.  My main issues with Infinity is the granular crunch of the ruleset and my inability to get in games.  I love the look and setting material for the game – I just can’t seem to nail down time to get games of it.  The new job location will give me plenty of playing time to really get a feel for the game and mechanics.  Then with a full accounting of the game I can decide if I want to keep it as part of my collection of games.

As it goes, I have been planning to play 40k Apocalypse on Black Friday … although that may be out the window with my new job schedule (time off starting back at zero).   I had started work on some specialized terrain features for the big game… but I will probably box it up to finish at another time.  Sadly, I had just started to make progress on it.

As it is I have more games than I can play or learn.  40k will always be something I do – I feel the same way about Dark-Age.  Although Dark-Age seems to be dead as far as CMON is concerned.  Which isn’t that bad of a deal for me personally, as I have been collecting a few factions on eBay over the last year or so for it.  It’s an easy game to teach with great miniature sculpts.  The factions are pretty varied in style of play as well as looks – so it seems easy to find something to catch a new players eye.

So back to the grind, I will be working on finishing up some Arena Rex figure painting in the next couple weeks (before my daughter arrives on visitation for the holidays).  And back to finishing up the figure for my friend before Christmas (I hope).  I also finally set up my long boxed airbrush … so I need to get that station going so I can speed up my painting process in the future.

4 responses to “Autumnal Changes”

    • This blog post sat in my draft bin for about a week lol. Anyhow, life is already better with the new job (started last Monday). More casual – less than 30 minute commute. And 7am till 4pm is something I really like.

    • Great – because I started back on them this past weekend. My daughter will be here for Thanksgiving (US) and I promised her I’d have some painted. Lol – deadlines help get things done.

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