This Week in Hobby

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of learning new procedures and specifications.  A new job is typically that way I suppose.  This is a Corrugated Box company … printing flexo mostly.  I have learned how to operate a large digital flat bed printer called a Jeti (which I have taken to taken to calling the Jedi).  


It can print roughly 7 1/2 feet by 10 feet and up to 4 -6 inches thick.  It is a large ink-jet printer… and it is something I have been learning to operate along with my normal prepress (Graphics) duties.  It is kinda nice to spend a day printing large corrugated sheets instead of grinding away on a workstation from time to time.  It’s been a quick and comfortable adjustment into this new position … and so far I am very satisfied with the decision to leave my old job for this new one.


Back to the hobby stuff…  

Getting off work at 4pm… I have been typically getting home around 4:30pm.  This has been allowing me a solid hour before my wife gets home from her job to dink around in the shop.  I have been starting a fire in the yurt to take the chill off for my wife when she gets home.  Then I spend some time either cleaning, organizing or actually hobby stuff.  

Last week I pulled down a  kickstarter “Fast Panda” resin model kit that has been just waiting for some inspiration to work on it.  I found some assembly instructions online so I knew which parts where which.  I pulled all the parts out and spent a couple afternoons cleaning all the mold lines and extra stuff off.  I still need to give these a warm bath before I try to primer them. 

I decided to back out of the big 40k Apoc game on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving US).  I packed up the mining rig build for now … hopefully I will have time to continue that build in a few months.  I did make some progress on this build but I decided to set it aside in favor of working on other projects.  I had also finished building my Plasma Obliterator…pre-assembly before painting.  

It’s in about 4 larger assemblies… in this photo – just lightly setting together for a picture.

I have been pretty slowly working on Arena Rex minis … here is what I have done so far.  I have two Ludi (factions) of 4 minis started – but only one of those factions are based at this time.  So I probably will not get a chance to play Arena Rex with my daughter when she is here over the holiday.  

After all of the other stuff I worked on I tried to asses what current projects I had littering my hobby desk.  Basically, looking for projects I can finish and make space for new stuff to gather dust lol.  I decided to jump back to work on this 54mm figure for an old friend.  A few blog posts back I started this project.  

And as these things sometimes go … it sat on my desk half done for a month or two lol.  I started back into painting the figure last Saturday and pretty much spent the whole day painting on it.  I finished him up Sunday morning.  

Have a good weekend folks.


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