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The last week saw our summer slide beyond the horizon … with the equinox came the slamming of the door on summer – and the stomping in the morning toddler that is autumn.  What happened to my three or four weeks of sunny days and brisk nights of pre-winter?  I had felt like I was on top of projects needed to be done before the cold and wet season arrived here in the Pacific Northwest of North America.  But the reality is nope – I have a few decent days at best – maybe a weekend left to get things done outside and tidied up for the oncoming winter wet and cold.

On the season change todo list …
• Wrapping up the Yurt porch project (handrails and lighting).

I did get the bench installed on the porch over last weekend.


• WOOD – I need to stack wood and get all the covered spots full and all the rest of the wood laying around stacked under the trees.  I don’t anticipate needing more than a couple cord ready really – unless it turns out to be a colder than usual winter.  But I don’t want the rounds that have been cut to sit around another season on the ground.  Best to get them split and stacked to season at least.

• Tree to clean up – we have one 20′ tall tree to take out this season.  Along with 4-5 12′ tall bushes at the back of our pump house that need to be cleared out.  Burning season (back yard debris piles) started on October 1st in my area – so we need to take advantage of cleaning out anything we want to be on our burning pile.  Along with the trees we have quite a bit of limb and shrubs to be trimmed before winter as well.

• Leaky garden faucet – the boss told me that this was a problem back in mid / early summer… I need to take care of this before its a messy muddy cold wet job lol.  I need to turn off the water to this line… and then replace the facet and shut off valve.  I will enclose the works in a new underground enclosure I picked up for the job months ago.

That is the basic list … after all that I will settle into getting back to work on my shop remodel phase two.  Along with wrapping up the hobby room I have not finished from phase one.  Along with the remodel of the shop I plan on pushing myself on getting the Yurt kitchen done before winter really sets in.

On the gaming hobby front…

I need to build a big tracked mechanicus monstrosity for our Black Friday Apoc game on November 29th.  I have worked on ideas and have it all worked out in my head in basic forms.  It will need to cover roughly a 2′ square area on the table.  I want to make it in a couple components so I can use it in other games as well.  I’m thinking a big mining / forge operation… with hoists, walkways and piping.  Lots of scaffold and lattice work – steampunk meets grim dark 40k.

GAWEPARMORDARM01LI am looking heavily at the Mechanicus Ordinatus epic 40k titan like vehicles … here is an example of one from the web.  There were several variants of these behemoths.  My plan for this one would be strictly a production type facility.  My initial ideas for this came from some early research on a big mining rig called a wheel shovel or a bucket-wheel excavator.  Depending on your Google Image search.

These are massive mining machines … and of course this led me down a long rabbit hole on the internet all in the name of research.  Truly thought, this is out most of my ideas start to blossom.  Here are some of the things I used to start thinking about what to build.

These images are amazing tools to jump start my process.  I will spend hours and sometimes days gathering images of parts of ideas to move my brain into focus around this project.  I find that if I gather a big folder of images that support ideas for a project that I can put the project aside and pick back up aright where I left off.  The images kick my brain back into the spot my mind was processing the build ideas.

My wife gave me a ton of black foam core board – boxes of it.  So this will make up the main structure.  I have also been 3d printing doors, tractor tracks and gears to help with this as well.  More on that probably in a few weeks.  I am planning to set up and experiment with my long boxed up airbrush sometime soon to also help with getting this big thing painted when I get to that point.

The rest of my hobby stuff has been patiently waiting for my attention… which will probably be another couple weeks.  After the rains come with more frequency and the cold settles in for its long dark winter here in the PNW… I will have lots of time to get back to the hobby desk.



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