This Week in Hobby …

Well work continued this week on the Yurt porch roof.  I set out early in the week to prep everything I could before moving to install the rafters and polycarbonate panels.  That meant squaring all the rafters together and starting to place the panel supports on each rafter top in the same positions.  I marked the end of each rafter so I had them all facing the same way when I installed them.  I predrilled all of the holes before attaching the supports on my drill press.


All of the prep work I did last week helped a lot when I needed to get things finished up this last weekend.  I even took one rafter up and lined it up so I could notch it out to fit the curve of the yurt roof.  I cleared about a 2 inch gap between the rafter and the roof.  This will also help tighten up the overall look when its completed.

I spent early Saturday placing and each bracket to receive the rafters.  Spaced down from the top on 24” centers. Except where they needed to bridge the main structure crossbeam – in which case I simple placed one rafter on each side.

The rafters went up into position with a little help from my son – I got all the rafters in place and then secured them to the brackets with some screws.  The brackets are simple galvanized brackets from the big box hardware store… I premiered them and then hit them with a hammered iron black spray paint to help them look better when married with all that red/brown treated wood.


After that, it took roughly 30 minutes to install each panel… pre drilling … up and down letters at each rafter – 8 screws each rafter (on the high points into the panel supports.  7 Rafters… so (8×7= 56 screws w/ pre drilling at each location)… per panel.  And their are 8 12’ panels to cover the porch… so 448 screws with washers lol.  So after about 4-5 hours, right after sunset, I got all of the panels installed.  Boy was I tired… but really happy it is done.


Rain in the forecast came in early Sunday.  I went out to inspect the work… only finding 6-7 leaky screws.  Probably didn’t get them tight enough onto their rubber washers.  The instructions were very specific about proper tightening… so I am not surprised about the handful of drips.  I will try some clear caulking from below to hold off the drips this winter.  If things look to be more of an issue I will get my scaffolding out and see about some spot tightening later. We will look into railing next weekend – and then my wife has plans for plantings in front.

On the hobby desk…  I pulled down some of my Arena Rex figures and started working on trying to get a good selection painted.  I started out by working out how I want to do the bases. I settled on simple layer of cork to fit each base.  I then spread some cracking earth onto them and then painted the bases in a light tan.  A couple brown/tan washes fill the cracks and give some decent interest without being a nightmare to make more in the future.   I finished the look off with 2 dry brush passes of lighter tan and an off white.


For the figures I premiered them with a super fine primer (light grey) – and then gave them a couple quick flash washes.  The few that were mostly painted already I glued back onto their bases.  The rest will need to be chunked out with basic paint schemes before I can get them back onto bases.  I’ll add some grasses to the bases along with other bits and bobs for interest when they are finished.


That was my week… hoping to get back to more hobby this week.


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