Bright Stallion – project pt.1

Yes, the project that I’ve been dreaming about for years … perhaps over a decade is finally coming from dreams to physical form. It has been a long time in the prep work on this … and gathering the various parts.

It all started with me seeing some Bright Stallions made from a wraithlord base … which look ok … but nowhere near what I see as a “knight” class model. As I stated last time, I found some images a few years ago on some German gaming forum… and I knew I was on the right path.

Here is the basic start of things … 2 sets of legs – couple waists and multiple chest parts.

After dry fitting … I thought the “midsection” was too short… so I needed to lengthen it a little.  I found some wire tubing … and cut a bit to a pleasing length.  I added some copper wire to help it stay together while I glued it all up.  I figured I would cover the wire with other things on the build so I didn’t worry about removal.

I had picked up a Dark Eldar Talos box on eBay at a good discount – when I was gathering parts for this build.  I was really keen on getting the carapace from the Talos – but I found that these vertebra type things would work good in providing some interesting muscle to the stallions middle.  I like things to look “logically balanced”… and these will look great.

I had also picked up this cool Eldar themed ruin base a couple years ago.  I actually have enough of the same theme to do my “someday” Harlequin army rebuild.

Things are starting to come together.  I kept referring back to my little Epic Eldar Bright Stallion … to try and keep the look right.  I ended up adding the extra WraithKnight shoulder pads to the back… which gave it a nice look overlapped to the back.

I added more of the vertebra things… to fill out the middle a bit more.

After trying to fit the upper legs into the “arm sockets” I decided that the upper legs needed to be bulked up.  I found some wire nuts that should do the job.  I cut down the upper leg connectors – and cut down the wire nuts to fit.  I also cut off the little support on the leg – and sanded the end down to look like an additional gem / nodule.

After getting the back legs in position – the front legs were not much of a chore.  Getting things to look right is key – I may need to go back and see if I can get the feet to pitch back more than they are now.

Alright – all lefts done – and I’ve started to work on the waist – for the upper chest.  I will work on that this week and see how it al looks.  I am still looking for ways to cover the extra waist leg holes.


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