Bright Stallion — project pt.2

I didn’t get to much done on the project yet this week. But I did get a start on the torso.  I had picked up the Forge World Skathach Wraithknight a couple years ago … again specifically for this project.  I felt that it’s variant of the normal WraithKnight would be an advantage to keeping things looking special.

The Skathach Wraithknight has these extra big shoulders … and revamped vanes on the back which look really cool.

I’m liking the “visual weight” that is provided by the larger shoulders here… it just looks good I think.

Really, this is pretty much the normal WraithKnight building of the torso from this point forward.  I will use the various arms in the kit to work up all options with magnetized sockets.

The alternate head fits the look of the old epic eldar bright stallion pretty nicely.

Below – is a good size comparison against the normal WraithKnight model.  The base size is the same… except for it has some terrain bits popping out further from it.

Here is a good profile shot … I will get some cleaner photos when the build is done – prior to primer and paint.  But I am mostly happy with this project so far… a few esthetic things I see now pop out at me – but I don’t want to break things down to redo them at this point lol.

If I were to build another … I think I would do more with converting on the legs – Possibly reverse the back bend… so it was more like a horse (or the epic bright stallion back legs). On the front legs I think I would try to do more hacking to get the feet bent back better.  I look at it now and it is obvious.  It would have meant more green-stuff work (yet to come)… but I think it would have been worth it.

I tend to be a feverish crafter when the muse hits me… trying to stay on top of it like riding a wave before it crashes.  It is almost impossible for me to get unlimited time to sit on a project as an adult lol.  So I do what I can to try and not to loose that creative muse when it has me in its grasp.  I have done better as I get older to control (not really “control as to anticipate)… the muses that come to me.  So far my best option has been to anticipate a project and then to start gathering the bits I would need to complete it.  When that muse pops up, I can find the time and bang out a project without waiting for needed elements to complete it lol.

I hope to get more done on this over the next few days – or weekend 🙂


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