This Season in Hobby – 12.4.17

Fall is sliding into winter here in the pacific northwest… I have been fairly busy with various projects still in the works.  I am trying to wrap things up that need to get done outside before the endless rains and cold comes.  And on the inside I am trying to clean up and take a bit of inventory of things cluttering up my hobby areas.

First things – I finished (mostly) redoing the skirting and new drip edge on the yurt.  I need to crawl around under the yurt to update some plumbing – and when I do I will put in some spacers where the new tin siding is leaning inward.  The yurt floor base is angled .. so there are points around the circumference where there is a gap of about 5.5 inches between the yurt deck supporting beams and the drip edge.

About half way between the deck and the chimney you can see that the top of the skirting is leaning in.  It is against that internal supporting beam in this shot.  The gravel base is holding in the bottom of the tin – and on top the drip edge is doing the some job of keeping the skirting in place.  Where the skirting crosses a vertical support I have also screwed the tin in.  The vertical supports are about every 4 feet as you go around the structure.

After I get the tub installed – I will add on the porch roof – and then rebuild the screen door and re-finish the door supporting boards.  I will also add some lattice around the bottom of the porch to finish off that look.  In the spring we will add a bed of plantings to further soften the look of it all.

I have eased into my new work schedule — 4 ten hour shifts – Monday thru Thursdays.  Fridays off is a nice addition to the weekend… but I am finding I have been having a hard time trying to squeeze in tasks that require me to be somewhere for “business hours” lol.  But I have been going Disc Golfing on Friday mornings – weather depending.  Normal winter water hazards of course… but it has been a great way to start my day.

Cleaning up and organizing my garage is a annual task … more enjoyable with the wood stove heating things up.  I try to use this time to see what I have accumulated over the year (eBay, craigslist or Kickstarter).  So I have to many board games lol.  I did locate two of the 40k Planetary Empire sets that I somehow gathered.  I plan on selling one off and putting the other one on my future painting table pile.

Another acquired project, The Death World Forest Terrain set – I cleaned up, assembled and primed.  I was trying to get bunches of items primed before the weather shifted.  So I should have plenty of things to paint over the winter months.  At some point this winter I hope to have my airbrush station installed – which should ease the priming issues in the future.

This is a really cool set of various alien plants – and ruins.  I see using these not only for 40k but also for Dark-Age.  I left them in paintable sub-builds.  When I get the airbrush going I will finish them up with some good easy blending.

I will continue reviewing what I have – and what projects I finished this past year.  I hope to have a new set of goals outlined for next year soon.



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