Year End Review — 2017

Well another year is nearly in the history books … what have I done?

Looking back at last years year end review – and my thought process about what I wanted to accomplish in 2017 I see that I have mostly stagnated.  That is not to say that I have remained in one place – but that I am pretty much in the same place I was last year at this time concerning my hobby endeavors.

Primary concern last year for me was playing games … well looking back at this year – I have not played more than a few games.  A couple Dark-Age and a hand full of Arena-Rex.  Both are fun games that don’t take up much time.  I feel good that I got a couple games in – but I am really irritated that I have yet to get motivated to get back to a regular mini gaming schedule.

I have done a bit of painting – so I feel good about that – but I need to clear up and finish all the “OPEN” projects I have going.  Terrain is all over the place – the MDF stuff along with some 3D printed stuff is sitting around waiting for me to finish.  This will be a priority this winter – to get them done.

I was looking at Arena-Rex last year at this time … I took the leap and got into the game.  I love the minis and I plan on building my own custom arena soon.  I need to paint the figures I have … which will be a pretty big task.  I have lessened my other gaming purchases this year.  Not by much, but less lol.

I picked up the new 40k box and the new Eldar Codex… I am currently making space to pull out my WraithWall Eldar army to re-fit for 8th ed 40k.  Looking forward to getting some games with them by this spring if not sooner.

Epic – I spent most of the year collecting things to fill out my Marines for Epic – I feel now that I can easily have the Orks, Eldar and Marines ready for games of Epic Armageddon or NetEpic.  I have terrain – and I plan on doing some more with the stuff I have gathered.  I am hoping to have these things on my hobby table by spring.

Other projects that I will be turning my focus on this winter —

• YURT – I need to get the tub installed now that I have a safe porch to traverse.  I plan on moving the hot water heater – and redoing some of the plumbing with PEX.  With the winter weather and darkness outside I hope to work inside the yurt on these things.

• Hobby Room – Garage – I am planning on two big remodels in the shop/garage.  The first will be to gut my current hobby room area (where I paint and model).  Currently, the room has an old wrap around bench that simply doesn’t work for my hobby.  Also the room simply lacks space for storage.  On top of that I need to insulate the room to better protect my hobby stuff.  This project will happen this winter as well – after I am done with the yurt plumbing.

• Garage – After I gut the hobby room I plan to re-address the main garage stall.  Right now a slate pool table sits in the middle – with ramshackle benches and shelving around the sides.  Off of this doesn’t use the space very well – so I plan to first gut one half – redoing insulation, plumbing, and shelving.  Then I will redo the other side – redoing the bench and rack tool storage.

The finishing part of the garage will be some simple carpet with sliders to move the pool table around to allow for me to get the front or back end of a car into the shop for maintenance.  I hope I can get this done by the spring.  Getting motivated in the winter darkness is hard lol.

Ok, I think that is it for now, I am hoping to wrap up winterizing this week – and next week getting to work on the Yurt plumbing.





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