This Week in Hobby – 10.4.17

Well time just keeps rolling … I started my new work schedule this week (4-10’s). I’m a bit tired but Friday’s off will be nice to catch up on projects.

All the wood is piled up and ready to be split. I’ll leave the piles till spring – by then we will have split the wood and ready for stacking.

I received my kickstarter for Kraken Scatter Terrain last week. I quickly gave it a bath and cleaned it up for primer.

The details are really nice and will go perfectly with my other scrap pile terrain I painted up last year.

I’ll pull this stuff out for reference… I’m hoping to start painting things next week.

Also this week, I primered and base colored this scrapper building for Dark-Age.

I’ll start working on this by dismantling the dry fit and painting the details… hopefully starting on it this month.

I’m still trying to wrap up outside projects… and I’m hoping decent weather and Friday’s off will allow me to get ahead of things before the winter comes.


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