Workbench Progress

So far this week it’s been slow on mini painting. I’ve worked on some new random industrial terrain – going for a ruined and rusty look for Dark-Age. 

These are waiting on some piping and tanks – which I will then kit-bash into two or three terrain pieces. 

I got some cards for Infinity … I’m not sure why I need them yet. But I hope to grasp the use of them soon. 

I also got some minimal work done on Mean Jelly Bean for Dark-Age. I’m hoping to finish him by the weekend. 

Lastly, I’m on the fence with what to do for OFCC this year. I’ve joined a league to paint my Ininity USAriadna.  But I’m not commited to playing it yet. I’ve finally got a look at the 40k team event rules and I’m wondering about doing that again.

The problem with 40k would be getting prepared for it. Unless I play an already painted list. And there is always to wanting to try something new – which is where Infinity stands. 

I’ll give it another few weeks before I commit. I can’t buy tickets yet for the event – so I’m ok on time to think. 


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