Mean Jelly Bean Progress

I’ve been slowly trying to finish Mean Jelly Bean this week.  And while doing so I’ve been trying to perfect my swamp bases I’ve planned for all of the Brood.

So far the concept for the swampy base is working out well. Cork is the raised mud/dirt of the swampy tundra. The crackle paint creates a nice dry mud plain feel. With the resin/water murky filling in between. I have most of the figures standing in the swamp water.

So far I’ve had two issues. 1) was over painting the cracked mud to much on the Broodhounds. This was partly due to issues I had with adding in the water. But also with the 2 or 3 different ways I was playing around with color. I’ve fixed this problem with the Mean Jelly Bean base.  The fix was mostly one of patience lol. And I did a better job of dealing with sealing leak points for the water.

My other issue is the capillary action of the grass clumps sucking up the water / resin. It creates tougher looking grasses – but the grass also looses its “fluff”.

Also the capillary action has lowered the water considerably when it dries. I need to seal off the grass somehow when I add the resin. I’ll try to solve that problem this weekend. I’m also going to look at putting in some taller clumps as well. Or maybe build something like cat-tails.

I’ve also picked up some more brood to fill out my faction options.

This should be it for awhile on my Brood purchases.  I really want to get them all painted and just play for awhile. Also – I really need to get to work on my USAriadna for infinity.


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