Brood Hounds – fin

Well I finished these “puppies” this weekend πŸ˜€. 

It took a bit to get the swamp water done – mostly because I failed to close the gaps to keep the fluid from leaking. I will review the rest of my brood and do a better job of prepping them. 

But – I’m pretty happy with how they came out. Here is a quick rundown of the photo log I kept while painting these. 

I started out with grey primer – I was toying around with the underbelly – and I also got some base colors down on the rest of the body. 

Before I knew it I had a pretty convincing look. Mostly with a few dry brush passes and lots of wash building. Here are the paints and washed I used. 

I have some broodlings on the way along with a Howler. I’m thinking I’ll try to replicate the hounds look on them. I’ll do a better job of logging my steps when I do those. 

After the painting I moved onto basing. These guys were the first Brood I was doing – and they are kinda giving me a roadmap to the look I’ll take with the rest. I’ll prep the rest of the basing before I paint the minis for the rest. 

I started the basing with glueing in some thin cork. I wanted a patchy swamp look. My intention is to fill in the gaps with water and some taller grass. 

I then painted the ground under the water a mucky – muddy color. 

I then spread out some “Crackle Paint” to create the tops of the swamp mud ground. After that was dry I painted it brown. In the future I’ll get this primed with a light black coat. And try to keep the paint layers to a minimum. 

I finished detailing the sand and mud – added some grasses as well.  The last bit was to pour in the water. This is where I got hasty. Next time I’ll take more time with this step. As it turned out I got sloppy.  I’m happy with the look… But I know it could have been better. 


Here is the final shots … 



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