My 3D Hobby Update –

Over the last few weeks I have begun to get back on track with hobby stuff. I feel like I have gotten the newer resin 3d printer settings dialed in pretty well. I could always keep tinkering with settings – but I feel like its in a good spot currently for me to print stuff consistently. I like it when I can just add things to a que for printing – and not really worry about it.

Within the last few years I really have enjoyed projects that just allow me to craft, kitbash and paint to my own indulgence. The resin 3D printer tech has gotten so good – its just a pleasure to chase the muse where ever it takes me. The current projects on my table – are all taking advantage of the resin printing technology.

A few weeks ago I found this Patreon … PREY-stl. The artist has sculpted a marvelous version of The Maxx.

I remember picking up the Comic back many- many years ago. It was one of those combinations of color and imagery that just made me stop while I was browsing and purchase it. I loved The Maxx story and the artwork by Sam Kieth (the Maxx was later made into a video series on MTV). Of course finding the Maxx sculpt led me down a rabbit hole of memories – fun times down the way-back memory road. Sam Kieth is a phenomenal artist – his artwork is unique and really felt personal to me. His work on the initial Sandman comics (even though he wasn’t happy in that job) was what got me to jump into The Maxx as soon as I saw it on the shelf at my typical comic book stores back in the day.

Anyhow, This leads me all they way around to me 3D printing this sculpt… I have dry fitted all the parts, added a base and gave the base some weight so it wouldn’t tip over easily. The sculpt was pre-supported and hollowed out. I had to scale things down to around 55%-60% because the Mars 2Pro isn’t a huge 3d printer. But also – I didn’t want to build and paint a huge piece.

I got Maxx and Julie primed and ready for base colors last weekend. I used color tint paint to get the purple – which ended up pretty glossy. I hit the initial colors with some matte varnish to aid in the painting of the details to come later.

After getting my Bolt Action Marine force 99% done last month – I have already started planning my second Bolt Action army. I try to always have two armies for any particular game I play because it is much easier to show a new player (a future fellow “hobby-victim”) a game if I have an army to have a fully painted army for them to play for a demo.

The next army I am building will be a German Afrika Korp list. I started with collecting the Afrika Korp box set (which will give me a full 1000pt. Army if built around the contents of the box). I saw some cool looking motorcycle riders for Kradschutzen units. Instead of purchasing new models for this I found some great sculpts on MyMiniFactory – again really wonderful 3D sculpts.

I want to work these into my Afrika Korp list – the list will be fairly static so I am thinking a few bikes to run out and try to neutralize enemy units – or at least stall advances into the German lines. I 3D printed them and they turned out really well. I again was really impressed about what a good 3D resin printer could do for my hobby.

Epic 40k / Epic:Armageddon or Net Epic has been gaining a resurgence locally – and I seem to be seeing a resurgence within the internet hobby spaces as well. Locally, folks have been clambering for epic stuff – eBay prices are rapidly inflating along with the resurgent fandom of Epic 40k. I have epic stuff – I have been working on epic armies for years – gathering dust as I have found it hard to find players.

With the renewed interest in Epic 40k I decided to start going through my collection and see what armies I could build under the current rulesets. Along with the armies I could build – I could figure out what I could sell off with the current interest out there. Along with that – I want to put together extras for some locals at a decent price (not eBay inflated) – so I could grow the availability for more local players of epic to play.

I quickly put together a Marine force … which will be my quick strike force. Drop ships – drop pods – this whole 3000pt. Army will be able to start off table except for the Warhound Titans. I have plenty of old marines to build at least 2 or 3 marine armies. My next marine army will be a more typical land force with more land raiders and things.

I had been collecting epic 40k “Chaos Androids” for decades. I finally have enough to make a decent Epic Necron army. With help from 3D artists and my resin 3D printer I am nearly done with building this 3000pt. Epic 40k Necron army. I have found lots of free stl files for this army – which reflects the basic build of the army… mostly monoliths and troop units. It feels thematic – a large slow moving mass of monoliths and troop units. I will plan later on some more variety for this army as well as the rest of my epic armies as I build out lists to 5,000-6000pts.

All of this hobby and 3d printing has shown me that we have crossed a threshold in my opinion. A few short years ago this would have seemed unlikely to have happened so quickly. But I am confident now that I really don’t need to buy pre-manufactured hobby minis. I may see some exclusive sculpts from time to time (and I do see them still) – but for the most part – I can probably find an equivalent sculpt as a printable STL file.

I can support & pay the sculptor directly – via Patreon or My Mini Factory. If I want something special I can hire and pay a sculptor directly. If I need some basic filler troops – I am sure to find free files on Thingiverse or other spaces online.

The growth of the independent miniature game scene … miniature agnostic skirmish games and similar venues for creative and innovative gaming outlets has really had a boon with growing to a maturity alongside the boom of relatively low cost of entry combined with high quality resin 3D printers. For less than 500$ to set yourself up with a printer, resin and cleaning & curing options. On a budget you can do much lower than that… total set up under 300$… is easy – even lower depending on your needs.

To me – it has become a market of choice… whom has the most intriguing sculpts that fit my esthetic wants or wishes. Á la carte mini wargaming is here – choose your own mini’s… choose the ruleset that fits your style – without breaking the bank or jumping into a walled garden of a mass produced theme – locked into a tired cycle of ruleset and math-hammer army builds – repeat … ∞.

You can have your hobby cake – your way. I for one am thankful for this time in space – it is a real liberation of how I “do” my hobby.


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