My Hobby / Life Update —

It has been another month – and I have failed to get more than three blog posts out so far this year … now that is four. I am hoping to do better – and try to get back to a more normal schedule here. Last year I had 14 posts… several years ago I had over 70 posts in a year lol. I am not sure why I am fixated on that fact – but I do notice the slow down. I think probably way too much about silly facts like that. I just need to enjoy my hobby and part of that hobby is this blog. If I change – that’s ok too. I would like to get back to a better schedule of blog posts – and maybe now that the pandemic is slowly lifting – maybe that will help things be a bit more “normal”.

I have noticed that it is often difficult to “find the time” for my hobby – (as if extra time is lost with the socks missing from the dryer). I see friends struggle with wanting to play RPGs… it sucks getting old – life gets away from you – and it just gets difficult to match up schedules (even online) to get games in. As a frequent Game Master – I find it hard to get my brain in the right mindset to play – to plan and to fill 4 or 5 hours with what I feel is a good standard. I personally hate to “mail-it-in”. With life and the current situation with my mom and as my siblings and I try to comfort and take care of her – it just gets demanding on your time – especially “free time”.

When I get an extra moment in time – sometimes I just want to take a mental breather … to check out and just mindlessly do something or nothing. My hobby time of late is just to be in my hobby space – printing and painting. Listening to podcasts or listening to some YouTuber talk about the hobby world. Listening to an audiobook or some music. Sometimes I find myself just sitting… unable to do anything constructive. Just vegging out – lost in finding a calm space to relax within my head.

I sometimes struggle with depression, probably more frequently than I would like to admit to myself. I take medication for anxiety – along with the other somewhat normal mid-life American male medications for cholesterol or some other ailment. I don’t drink, and I think smoking is just silly. I try to keep my life simple – I live in a Yurt and with my wife – and we are happy for each other and the time we have to share.

I guess all this mumbo-jumbo is my way of saying – life gets busy and hard and just plain stressful. Make sure your hobby is providing a break from that stress – make sure your hobby time isn’t creating more stress in your life. Your hobby – your time – your life. This time can’t be dictated by others needs or wants – it is your time to re-charge… use it wisely.

On to my hobby …

I worked a bit more on Maxx and Julie late last month – and after a few nights at the painting table I finished the project. I can’t say I remember the process – much of that time was lost – half zen state – just painting … breathing and painting.

Here are some finalizing process pictures – before full assembly.

After I got it all together I added a matte coat of varnish with the airbrush – and then I added some mossy flock and grasses. It still felt kinda plain so I added some GW vines and plants to the base – with a quick contrast paint – it all come together nicely.

Over the last couple weeks I also got the opportunity to plan 2 games of Bolt Action with my son – the first game I lost – but I am learning about how to play the game and army I have assembled.

We got a short half game in last week – but ran out of time to finish it. I was doing better – and I got to take out his tank with my bazooka team lol.

This week my other kid arrived from Boston for a long summer visitation – we are hoping to get some Forbidden Psalm and Dark-Age on the table very soon.


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