Yurt progress — 12.18.18

The last couple weekends I’ve been trying to knock out little bite sized projects in the yurt.

The list is getting smaller at least. I’m hoping to wrap up all the “little” things in the yurt by the end of the year. Leaving the kitchenette for a January focus time.

The project this time is built in wall panels to either side of the yurt doorway. The need is a place to mount a future light switch for the porch. A place to mount a pair of wall sconces for accent lighting. And a place to mount a coat hanger area.

The sconces we picked up a couple of years ago at an estate sale. They were pretty old but in good condition. The old wiring and switches were way out of code lol. So I picked up new parts at the hardware store and replaced all the innards.

The first things I did was to measure each side panel areas. Of course they weren’t the same lol. Then measured the depth at both sides. Turns out that they taper into the door-jam from a standard 2×4 depth to half that next at the jam.

I then cut tapered top and bottom boards for each side panel. After installing the frames I then planned out the wiring needed for the power plug and sconces.

I then started putting up the pine paneling. I then stopped when I got a board past where I needed to mount the sconces.

At that point I drilled the holes needed … and reached behind the panels and pushed the wires through the hole.

After that it was a simple matter of repeating the process on the other side panel.

I finished attaching the rest of the boards and then turned my attention to getting the sockets for the lights and new plug.

After I got all the wiring done on the new circuit I strung the wire over to hook into the nearest power box.

After shutting off the power to the existing circuit at the main breaker. I then patched the new line in.

And… no electrical fires – I must have done something right lol.

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