My Hobby In The New Year — 01.09.19

Wow, another new year opens up before me, already. Things seem to get going faster the older I get… at least time seems to go faster that is.  A few weeks ago I had a whole new post ready to go – typed up ready to build a blog post around.  And I got busy, then christmas and new years holidays were here and I was even more busy with my daughter in town on visitation. After coming back to the post that never was… I spent some time rereading what I had typed out… and well I just felt maybe I was just in the wrong attitude when I wrote it up.  
As with many folks, I am sure, I really don’t like the holiday season.  I like Thanksgiving (US) but after that I dread the long slow draw to christmas and new year. Part of that is the darkening of the days here in the Pacific North West of the United States.  I leave for work at 7am, in the darkness and rain, and I return from work to my home in the dark and rain lol.  The solstice brings comfort, the only lift in the dread darkness.  It is a long story as to why I really dislike the season – but mostly it is the friends and family I have lost over the years – a brother when I was only in high school – was the hardest and earliest emotional “hit” which happened right before the holiday season… many many years ago.  That year we didn’t celebrate … no decorations… nothing.  
Anyhow, this year was a bit brighter… as it is every other year my daughter comes on her visitation, and that always brightens my time.  It was only 2 weeks, but it was a whirlwind … ending in the hope to see her again this summer.
My un-posted blog post was going to update you on what I am into these days – hobby wise.  I did review of the last years hobby – complaining as well… blah blah blah.  I found that maybe I as caught in a rutt of winter dread.  I feel better now that the season is over.  What is on tap?… what am I into?  Well, I am hoping to play more this year (as always)… almost any game really lol.  40k is still on the top of my list as well as skirmish games.  
Of course, my main goal the start of this new year is to get my hobby area redone so I can actually, paint and play more.  I had thought about joining some new leagues locally, but I really think my time will be better served by dedicating time on the remodel so I can get it done before the spring.  The yurt was my focus for most of the fall and into the winter.  I feel like that project is in a good place for now, I will get back to it here and there into the spring.  With a focus of getting the yurt porch done sometime in the spring – into early summer.
When I finish the remodel of the hobby area, I hope to make some dead fast decisions on stuff to sell or move away from.  Right now, I feel like I may be selling off Necromunda in favor of Kill Team.  I partly blame GW for this, because they really seem to fit the same niche for skirmish games.  And kill team allows me to use much of my 40k collection of already build and painted minis lol.  Sad, as I really like the look of necromunda, but I have not assembled the minis, and I could really use that money to help fund my 3D printer dreams.  
The same fate will likely fall onto Bloodbowl and Infinity.  Infinity will be a bit easier to hold on to my painted faction, as the rules are free online, I will just sell off unpainted stuff and viable extras on eBay.  I still have old blood bowl figures, and the old box sets.  The new blood bowl I picked up I have not opened or played.  I can pick up the rules digitally if needed in the future.  So for now I will try to sell it off as well.  
I have decided that I really want to put together my mechanicus force for 40k… and have a knight army as well.  In light of that, I will be selling off anything that doesn’t fit into the Eldar or Mechanicus/knight umbrella.  Which leaves a bunch of chaos and marines heading to Ebay as well.  Also, with my 40k wishes for the knights and mechanicus to be a painted and playable force, I plan to sell off lots of my extras as far as the elder are concerned.  I will simply never have the time to dedicate to much more elder forces.  I will keep a few collector items, or old stuff, but otherwise the run of the mill elder stuff will be sold as well.
I am hoping to focus my hobby time on more building and painting, having a couple good armies for any game I play painted and good to go.  Leaving future purchases of armies to a time when I am ready to build such unforeseen stuff.

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