40k League Cycle #3 — Game 1

I finally got my first game in for “Cycle #3”. It was a short game due to time constraints at the club on a Sunday evening. It was fun, and my first battle against Imperial Guard in a very long time.  This battle was out of our league packet – which is basically a Take-And-Hold mission with all six objectives placed evenly over the battlefield.

We knew at the start that we would only have a couple hours for the game.  When we planned to meet at the Sunday game night we did not realize that the club closes it’s doors typically at 8pm.  This made out 6pm meet-up time really tight.  But we decided to get the game in as fast as we could – after set up and list explanations we got started by 5:30-ish.

At the start of the game… (seen below) – All those Guard tanks are bunched up behind some ruins.  I place my WraithKnight into the warp… along with 2 more wraith guard (cannon) units into the web way.  The rest of my forces take up positions to grab nearby objectives.  I won the roll off and set out to go first – doing as much damage that I could to hamstring these guard and their tanks.

I advanced my d-scythe wraith guard… and dropped in 2 units of 5 wraith guard with cannon in position to try and hurt some stuff.  My opponent was really familiar with keeping things from popping up in his backfield – and had positioned his units to prevent me from getting really nice shots.  I dropped the one unit on an objective and next to a crater.  Hoping to blow a tank and to create a speed bump to allow the rest of my wrath guard to close the distance.

The other unit of web-way deployed Wraithguard joined the Wraithknight to clear out one flank… and to try and push into the Guard next turn.  Shooting from all this went well – but I failed to kill the big tank in the center (by one point).  I did manage to clear out the ruins from all the snipers and 90% of the calvary

My opens turn was used to reposition most of this tanks – and push forward towards more objectives to even up the score.  The fact that I failed to pop a tank hurt my chances if he got a good round.

At the end of the round – I was down by one objective… I simply was too slow and didn’t have enough to cover more objectives.  Looking at the time – was pretty sure I would be lucky to get another turn after this.  So I rushed everything forward – to grab objectives within reach and to limit the ability of the Guard to get them.

I got my Wraithseer into hand to hand with more calvary on one flank – and flew my Hemlock a bit to close to try and finish off another tank.  I advanced all the wraith guard I could to claim another objective and to get into a good range for the D-scythes.

My Wraithknight lumbered forward … along with the wraith guard at its feet.  The central speed bump wraithgaurd sucked up lots of shooting – and still had the objective.

Things were looking up – I gained twice as many objective points that I had held the first round, and I achieved another point for taking out the big tank.  But it felt like it wasn’t enough.  But the game would end after my opponents turn – as time was nearly up.

My opponent knew that he had to make it happen this turn… the time was running out and he had to push it.  I had over extended my advance with my Wraithseer and with the Hemlock.  I wasted no time with orders and stratagems to get his targets downed.

He started by withdrawing what was left of his roughriders from the hand to hand with the Wraithseer – and then pummeling her with everything that had a gun with the range to do it.  The Phoenix gem didn’t help as no units were close enough to allow the Wraithseer to rise up again.  That hurt.

Following that – a unit of plasma guard jumped from their chimera and plastered the Hemlock with shots – and it was gone.  In moments my opponent had made me pay for getting to greedy.

The rest of the guard pushed forward to challenge the nearest objectives that I held.  After the charges and combat he took one from me.  But the damage had been done.  The objective count was solidly back into his favor – and the extra points for my Wraithseer (warlord) and my Hemlock pushed him back over the top in total points for the game.

With that we called it – as they were ready to lock up the clubhouse.  I feel that if I had more time – I would have been more cautious with my advances.  My plans to get close and make the Guard fight on both flanks needed another 1-2 turns to really put a stranglehold on the game.  But it wasn’t to be… it was a fun match though – and I think I learned a bit about what to think about next time I take on Guard.


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