What’s up? – Black Friday Apoc and nurgle

Wow, it’s been a few weeks and here’s the short and sweet recap. Thanksgiving started with a morning hike … Followed with good food with friends and family. Black friday started with breakfast with a gaming friend.. And followed with 8-9 hours of warhammer apocalypse madness. It was an awesome game and we kept it simple. We had lots of super heavies and titans… About 7 players which had 5000 pts each player. We worked to balance out the points differential with allowing destroyed units to come back after turn 3 … Which seemed to work out fine in our fun game.

After Friday I had a busy weekend… Then Monday I came down with a horrendous cold… Probably given to me by a stray shot from the nurgle plague tower in our black Friday game. I missed 3 days work. I am still recovering … And I must make it to work this week.

I will leave you with some shots of my weekend… Including shots from black Friday apoc… Hope to get to feeling better soon so I can unpack my army from the apoc game.













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