Revenant Commission – Revisited

Looking back again at a series of posts I had made while working on a Revenant Titan for commission.  Here I will try to condense the commission into a single archival post.  Here it goes…  ( the project started in December 2008 ).

• Commission Revenant – part 1

Ok folks, without hesitation I am starting this new project.  Last night I pulled the bags from the box and got to work.  First thing I did was to take a quick inventory – comparing the bits and parts to the assembly guide provided by ForgeWorld.  Take note to double check all items and the quantities of each item on the list.
After inventory I found that there was a problem.  First off, I am missing one foot arch … this is a bummer as the entire foot relies on this part for assembly.  I contacted my patron and informed him of the exact part number/s for the items missing.  I wished him luck with ForgeWorld – although I have had nothing but good word said about FW customer service.  I also am missing a couple head detail items as well.  Lastly – I ended up with a couple extra parts – which will go into my bit box at the end of this project eheh.

After the quick inventory – and then another detailed inventory upon finding missing or extra parts.  I set to inspect and clean up the flash – and mold issues… including trimming and filing down the “sprue” lines.  First nip off the bigger parts with some cutters – be sure to leave a little nub to clean up with an razor or to file smooth.  The resin can “break” off in chunks if your not too careful.  I find that its easier to mark and score areas to be trimmed with my exacto knife.  Then to go for the clean cut.


Mold lines can be deep on the resin parts.  Be sure to inspect each part before you start cleaning things up.  Here you can see some extensive work that needs to be done on the Revenants rear wing.    I trimmed that I could with my knife before I set in with a file.  I got things to a consistent level of quality – leaving any excessive gaps to be filled later with green-stuff.  Luckily part of these extensive gaps and lines are in a part that joins directly to the back of the revenant… and will not be in sight when the titan is fully assembled.

The next thing to worry about (aside from missing parts and mold lines) are bubbles and gaps.  Here you can see an air bubble on the edge of the top portion of the torso.  This will be a problem if I try to trim the edge mold lines – as the bubbles seem to “suck-in” the knife… digging in and marring the part.  So – after inspecting the part I take care around all bubble areas.  I use my file and sand carefully around these voids.  Later I will fill these in with green stuff.
The rest of the night I spent cleaning some more parts.  Next I will finish up the cleaning & inspection process.  Then I will take all the parts to the washtub and clean them all with soap and water.  I will also address any warpage issues as well.

• Jan 2009 –

I picked up some more materials from my patron last week – after our huge arctic snow storm (portland, oregon) which shut down the region for a week or two.

Anyhow – I picked up a new Space Marine Drop Pod.  How does this work into the Revenant Project you may ask? – What diabolical plans are being laid with the Emperors finest?… hehehe < evil laugh>.
Well The pod will be used as part of the terrain on the base for the Revenant – It will be under the foot of the Revenant – its “kill” lol.  Anyhow – more on the pose ideas later (another post).  Here is some quick shots of the build on the pod.  I had heard nasty things about putting this together – but really – it went very easy.  I used extra glue where I could – as I plan to cut this thing up – I wanted the parts to survive through that process.
• January 2009 –

Ok – last week I got the pod put together – I prepped things with a coat of primer and here I will attempt to document how things when when the pod goes under the saw.

First things I did were to play with the angles … I wanted the pod to be crashed into the ground (the base)… and later the titan would be standing/crouching on top of it.  Finally I figured things would be best if I had it on one side – allowing me the most possibilities for a good pose.
I marked things off with a rubber band and then wrapped the top with some shop cloths… then DUCT TAPE to finish things off – before I locked it into a vise.
I had planned on using a band saw for this project – but someone broke the blade – I had to resort to more primitive methods.  Getting a straight cut was going to be hard.

I started my cut… one hand on the pod in the vice and one hand cutting nice and slow – on the back cut.  As parts began to fall I gathered them up… who knows what I will need to complete this wreak.  With slight adjustments I got things done.  It was a fairly even slice.  Any irregularities I can hide when I mount the pod to the base.

• February 2009 –

I started out last week by sketching out some pose ideas for the Revenant.  I had envisioned many cool ideas… I took some quick shots and showed them to my patron – to see if he had any preferences.  Later he told me what he liked – but also that I should do what works and make sure its cool.

Ideas on a sketch are one thing… physical … thats different.  The sketches gave me things to think about when starting the pose process.  This allowed me to think about the key thing with the Revenant Titan, the FEET.
I started by positioning the right foot – adding a tiny drop of glue to hold things while I got the positioning right.  The feet of the Revenant are in 4 parts – I needed 3 of them to mount the foot on the base…. so this is a critical step.  After I got the foot positioned I drilled and pinned the foot together.  I then drilled and pinned the foot to the base (drop pod).  I repeated this for both feet… keeping in mind how I would pin the foot securely to the base.
After mounting the feet – things quickly progress – attaching the lower leg to the knee- then the upper leg to the hips… dr fitting things to get both legs to match up.  After I was satisfied with each leg – I drilled and pinned them into position.  Working up each leg – and double checking things by dry fitting and adjusting angles for each piece.

I got up to the waist I mounted the gut part – then the chest – checking angles and how the pose was working out.  The last thing I took care of last night was to drill and mount a set of magnets to hold the back fin on.

As a recap – The actual pose does not match the sketches – several things prevented this.  First off – the pose is a guide, something to be thinking about as a work out each parts position.  Next, the physical limitations of the model – the ankles on the Revenant prevented me from positioning the legs at more dramatic angles.  Unless I was willing to do major reconstructive work – I had to work within the limitations of the model.

Here is the pose I came up with … its all drilled and pinned (NO GLUE) and when its all assembled I will break it down for base paint and and some of the larger detail work… before I re-assemble and glue things securely into place.

The next step is working out the arm (pulsar) positions – adding in magnets and pins for each side.  Then pinning and magnets for the big jets at the top and the smaller ones to the sides – and the many little shields need posed… pinned and positioned.

This project has to be be competed by the end of Feb (09) – so its just entering “go time”… I hope to complete positioning the entire Revenant before the end of the week – so I can apply base colors over next weekend.


• February 2009 –

I spent most of yesterday working out the rest of the pose for the Revenant.  I added more pins and more magnets.  Unfortunately, I forgot to slow down to snap in progress photos.

My intention was to spend a whole day plowing through the rest of the posing process… I had a few things to take care of (non gaming) … that did sidetrack me… but a few extra hours last night I completed my plan for the day.

Tuesday night I went gaming – played my first game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle – and wow…thats a different game – tactically very much like a chess match.  My unpainted VC army started strong but ended up a complete rout.  It was fun and I am planning on more fantasy games in the future.

Game night also brought me gifts!… not really – I had to pay for them – but really – I picked up the new blister of wounded marines (one in top shot)… these guys are not supposed to hit the stores for a few months I am told.I had been looking to do a conversion for this –  but this guy fits perfectly.  I got him sanded down and base coated yesterday.  Next I need to bolster up the rubble under him somewhat to make things look right.

I also picked up a sizable (2000pt +) Chaos Space Marine army.  Was a very good deal – and nothing is painted… some primer – all nicely prepared.  I am really looking forward to playing and painting this army.  Too bad there are so many things on the fire to finish right now.

Ok… Next step is to pull all this apart and base coat all the parts.  This weekend I plan on getting that done.  Then I will start painting everything – glueing and assembling as things get to a finished point.

• mid – Feb 2009 –

Well over the last weekend I got the base colors on the Revenant and the drop pod base.  Things are entering the next phase of this project

– The Painting.

Late last week I finished up all the pinning and setting of magnets – the fiddly -tedious work for posing… things went well.  I will detail all the pin & magnet locations later before final assembly.

Before I set out to paint the detail work – I popped the titan together for one last shot before final paint and assembly.  Here you see the base colors – Green, Bone and Red for the details.

I took it all back apart to prepare for detail painting… I will go through each part – and paint as much detail as possible before assembly – then things will be glued into place.  After I get things back together I will go though things one last time adding the final highlights and shadows… and gem lighting direction.
Been diving right in on this one – I have been waiting for a month to start painting – fun times.  Anyhow – here is the first bit – Yellow gems were tough – but I think I have them down.  Bone – wraithbone is also maddening to get right  – I am hoping it looks ok… there is soooo much of it on this project.

 I am happy with the green – its working out to my expectations.


• March 2009 –

Ok, it has been too long for an update, but here ya go.  I have made slow progress on the Revenant project… mainly do to personal/family things that have come up.  But I am now getting back on track… This thing is still on schedule to get done at the end of March.

Above, there are a few of the parts that are complete or nearly complete.  Below is a couple shots of a nearly completed torso.

I have the two heads done on the outside – I still need to work on the driver on the inside.

• mid – March 2009

Well as of this last weekend – I finally have turned the corner with this project.  Things are coming together – I spent last night finishing up some details on the side shields – doing some gems… then more gems… and yes…gems lol.

Here is a shot of what is complete – and I have glued it all up to this point.

 What’s left:  Both arms with pulsars, Back fin/wing, both heads (outsides are done – but need to paint the drivers), and the shoulder pads. – after that I need to finish up the drop pod and marine.

I will be putting a gloss coat on this over the next week or weekend.  In fact if the remainder of this week goes well (always a crap shoot)… I could have this guy 99% done in a week.

This last shot of the Revenant shows some of a freehand craftworld element I decided to add – turned out well I think.

Ok – thats it for now on this project.


• May 2009 –

Sorry about the infernal long lasting gap in posting to the blog lately.  Life… anyhow back on track this week.  It seemed like a month ago that I felt I was a week away from finishing this (yeah probably was actually).  Anyhow, I am serious this time – I am down to the last bits on this… the head-driver parts are the last things to get paint.

Here they sit… all the rest of the parts either have paint in need of final details … or are complete and ready for a protective coat.

This weekend I am trying my darnedest to finish this….   Besides the drivers – I need to wrap up the base (pod and marine)…. and thats it…can you believe it?  ugh

Anyhow – here is another shot of the Revenant – nearly complete.

• mid – May 2009

Yes – DONE – This project is done – after staying up till 3am – and another bit of work again today to tidy things up.  I am kinda tired – and not much need for words at this point… so I will just post up the initial photos to speak for themselves.

here is a close up of the lone surviving marine…

– fin –
– looking back this project was a great time, which kinda lead me to pick up the Revenant I am currently working on.  It was so hard to let go of this one :(.  I would love to do another commission like this one!


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