Harlequin – “Counts-As” Eldrad / Farseer

(orignal post from 01.27.11)

I was inspired by a Shadowseer conversion I saw on Cool Mini Or Not… (here).

The conversion was done by “Midgardmodels” on CMON.  I spent a few days and located all the bits and got to work on my Harlequin “Counts-as” conversion hehe.

First off was locating the bits to be used in the conversion …

1)Harlequin Shadowseer ( current ed. )

2)Swooping Hawk Exarch wings  ( current ed. )

3)Isle of Blood – High Elf Mage staff  ( current ed. )

4)Harlequin chainsword w/hand  ( current ed. )

Now you can go other routes for some of those bits – but this fits what I was looking for.

Next, I began to cut up my Shadowseer… I made clean logical cuts – allowing me to use the discarded bits for future conversions.

Next, I worked on drilling and pinning each new item of the conversion.  For this like the staff and the sword hand this is pretty important.  I then glued each pin into place after dry fitting the parts for the best look and fit.

The wings took some trimming – and I filed a slight angle to them before attaching them to the Shadowseers backpack.  Here are some finished shots of the basic conversion.  I plan on adding a ribbon hanging over the hand holding the staff – and of course painting.  Here I have the figure pinned to a clear ice base – which will be glued into place after painting.

And here is the finished figure.

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