Hobby Progress – The OFCC LIST

Well another few weeks have slipped by and I have not made a blog update.  Friends are in town and  my daughter is here for her summer visitation time as well.  Then the American summer holiday really kept me busy.   OFCC - right out of the gate I am under the gun to really… Continue reading Hobby Progress – The OFCC LIST

My Week in Hobby

Wow, a post and it has only been a week!  Thankfully, things have gone decently for me over the last week.  I am trying to wrap up clean up projects before house guests get here this weekend (staying for a month).  I may just get that stuff done by this weekend lol.  I have had… Continue reading My Week in Hobby

What Is Happing … Blog fade?

I didn’t mean to fade out for the last 2 months… but somehow that is what I did.  It all starts with good intentions and trying to buckle down and get stuff done.  Soon I realize I am bogging down and just don’t making progress.  I did catch some crud and was sick for a… Continue reading What Is Happing … Blog fade?

Hobby Space & Paint Pot Irritations

I have been working on getting things put away in my newly remodeled hobby space.  While planning and thinking about my painting area I picked up these paint racks (eye dropper bottle style) for my paints immediately in front of where I would be painting. These were from Krackenskulls.com I had seen something like them… Continue reading Hobby Space & Paint Pot Irritations

The Big Project – part 6: Interruptions – Sidetracked yet Things Coming Along – 03.18.19

Wow, I didn’t mean to go silent for the last few weeks, but life happens.  Right after my last blog post I had an electrical problem in the yurt that took me a couple days to straighten out.  Then the other week was my birthday weekend… so I spent much of that weekend with family… Continue reading The Big Project – part 6: Interruptions – Sidetracked yet Things Coming Along – 03.18.19