This Week in Hobby – 10.10.16

Well things got pretty busy for me last week. I found myself this morning thinking I missed posting a couple things.  So before things get to far I’d better take care of it.  Last Tuesday I got my 3rd week BloodBowl match in with my friend “Evil” Bryan and his team “Pork Belly”.  His was…… Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 10.10.16

This Week in Hobby – 9.12.16

Let’s see – I had a fairly productive week on the hobby side of things. First I decided to start prepping my next painting project. This would be completing my Brood faction for Dark-Age. So I popped open the extra blisters I had hanging around and prepped them all for primer and basing. After getting them primered,…… Continue reading This Week in Hobby – 9.12.16