This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19

Here are a few things from the last couple weeks within my hobby sphere. Arena Rex – This didn’t happen this week or last week. But I started teaching my daughter to play Arena Rex over the past holiday.  We had a fun time with this wonderful game.  I have yet to have time to…… Continue reading This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19

The Big Project – part 1: Planning Stages —12.17.18

The Big Project of which I speak of course is the overhaul of my hobby room.  I am salivating starting this project – yet I am not exactly done with my focused time with the Yurt.  But it is winter (nearly) and the time is here to do things like this.  Stuck inside big work…… Continue reading The Big Project – part 1: Planning Stages —12.17.18

My Hobby Life … What’s Next – 11.09.18

Aside from all the yurt work, I have still been thinking a lot about my hobby life.  Things are kinda easier for me to think about when I am outside my normality. Working with my hands, fiddling with tools so fix or complete some known task before me… I can reach a non-stop interior monolog…… Continue reading My Hobby Life … What’s Next – 11.09.18

The End … of summer — 09.14.18

Well what a while it’s been since my last post. But as with most years the end of summer activity just overwhelmed everything else. Weddings, last minute trips – just trying to squeeze in that last bit of time with my daughter on her visitation. Then comes the early morning trip to the airport –…… Continue reading The End … of summer — 09.14.18

Bright Stallion – project pt.1

Yes, the project that I’ve been dreaming about for years … perhaps over a decade is finally coming from dreams to physical form. It has been a long time in the prep work on this … and gathering the various parts. It all started with me seeing some Bright Stallions made from a wraithlord base…… Continue reading Bright Stallion – project pt.1