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Hobby Bucket List (v1.01)

2022 version of the “Hobby Bucket List”

For 2022 I am not putting down any real goals — I want to do better than I feel I did last year. But I am making a personal & hobby “Bucket List” … just a rough list of things I would like to do in the year ahead. If I can check some things off that list I will feel better about things lol. This list will be in no real order – except in the order they come to my mind while I type (which could be something of an order I guess). I will highlight each of these as I actually do them – and add a link to the corresponding post if there is one.

[ ]  Finish my Bolt Action force (USMC) and play in at least one of the local game day events.

[ ]  Saga – Finish Norman and Viking factions (based and primer) – paint one and play.

[ ] Forbidden Psalm basic party and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ]  Micro Gas Lands board … complete this stalled set – all the parts are there to get it done.

[ ] EPIC! – play – paint – PLAY!

[ ]  Star Grave basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ]  Frost Grave basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ]  Paint more Arena Rex factions – PLAY!

[ ]  Slot Car track – table – get it set and into a functioning track — get it to a spot where I can tinker and slowly work on details over time.

[ ]  SLUDGE / Turnip War … build 2 viable starter forces – PLAY.

[ ]  Silver Bayonet basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ]  Five Parsecs From Home basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ]  Sell off hobby stuff – 40k Eldar and other items not painted. I have one buyer set up – I need to nail down the stuff I am selling and a price. This list has grown since I have stepped away from 40k.

[ ]  Continue organizing hobby shop – places for existing stuff – remove old junk taking up space.

I am sure there is more to this list but that is good for now. If I find myself knocking a few things off this list before mid year I may add more items at that point. 14 items by my count – I am hoping I can get at least one checked off the list – but 4 or 5 would be awesome.

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