40k League Final – 6.30.18

This past Saturday the game club held its final pizza party league raffle final gathering. We would do army paint judging and raffle off prizes. Also we ad drinks, ate pizza and talked about our shared hobby. Here are some shots of the other forces brought to the gathering ... I didn't include shots of… Continue reading 40k League Final – 6.30.18

40k Battle Report / List Test

It was a disaster for my Eldar wraithguard list. Bad die rolls - poor tactics from myself. In what was a test battle for my friends Necron list. It was a pretty mean list. It will probably need to be lighter slightly before it is ready for OFCC. I'm not going to OFCC this year… Continue reading 40k Battle Report / List Test

What is up in my hobby – 05.10.18

Well, I started a new job this week.  Last week I was off work and got the opportunity to get two more games in on the league which I am trying to wrap up in.  I only have 2 more opponents.  It has been over 2 weeks trying to schedule the matches to no avail… Continue reading What is up in my hobby – 05.10.18

40k League Cycle #3 — Game 2

Last Tuesday I played the 2nd game of this the 3rd cycle of our game clubs winter league (now early spring league?). Anyhow, I modified my list pretty drastically this week - mostly just to try out a few things not made of wraith-bone.  This for the most part was a large chunk of what… Continue reading 40k League Cycle #3 — Game 2

The State of my Hobby – 03.26.18

Well It has been roughly three months since I set about to change the state of my hobby... I thought it was time for an update as to where I am within my hobby and to adjust my outlook if needed. It all started with last year being a bust as far as gaming went.… Continue reading The State of my Hobby – 03.26.18

40k League Cycle #3 — Game 1

I finally got my first game in for "Cycle #3". It was a short game due to time constraints at the club on a Sunday evening. It was fun, and my first battle against Imperial Guard in a very long time.  This battle was out of our league packet - which is basically a Take-And-Hold… Continue reading 40k League Cycle #3 — Game 1