This Week in Hobby — 06.21.22

Another week slides by – and now here is summer. My best laid plans for pre-summer have not yet come to full fruition – I was hoping to wrap up the Kulkulkani painting – but yet that seems to be fully stalled now. I had thought I would take them with me to finish when I spent the last weekend taking care of my mom. In the end I didn’t want to pack up the K3 and materials and painted I would need with me across the countryside.

I felt like it would serve me better to cleanse my pallet somewhat – and work on my Saga Vikings. These only needed priming – and then I could go at them without worry with contrast paints. I could easily pack up the contrast paints and newly primed figures with worrying to have to match the existing K3 scheme.

I took some time before Friday to get my assembled Saga armies primed – black … then grey from the sides and top with off white. I got both the Vikings and Normans primed together. I packed them both up in hopes to get some work done on prepping to play Saga. I ended up only getting the basics done solely on the Vikings – starting with flesh … then bows, javelin, hair – I also spent some time base coloring chainmail and furs. I feel like a got a pretty good jump on the Saga project … although I wished I had more time on the Norman army as well. My hope is to get back to finishing up the DarkAge Kulkulkani before jumping into the Saga armies fully,

I also spent some time wrapping up my Bolt Action M-7 Priest and Medium Howitzer team. For the Priest I only needed to get the crew painted and glued in. Figuring out where each figure should go was tricky – but in the end I am happy with how it looks together. I found that the crew figures were a bit smaller and scrawnier than the standard Bolt Action figures… but as they are mounted into the vehicle – it is hard to really notice.

The Medium Howitzer needed a base – the larger round base they give you with the model is not even close to being big enough to contain the gun and 4 crew. I decided to make my own base from card stock … and some bits of terrain. I added some tall tropical grasses – and a short log wall to put the gun and crew behind.

After getting the basics done I primed the new base and added some sand and rocky bits. I then gave the base a wash and painted all the elements. – after that it was just sticking on the flock and grass clumps. I glued the gun in place and made sure the crew would fit as intended. This was a fun little build – I am looking forward to getting my new army list in action soon… Bolt Action is pretty entertaining – and even though I was pretty salty after my last game – I soon found myself really itching to learn more about being successful at this game.


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