This Week in Hobby — 06.13.22

This has been a fairly uneventful week, I have not gotten to much done really. The weather here in the PNW has been nothing but a near constant rain – I won’t complain as we have been in a drought the last couple summers so the rain is welcome. I am hoping that a bit more moderation between rain and sun will follow soon.

In the hobby space … I have stalled this week on my DarkAge Kulkulkani …

Try as I might, I could not stop switching away from the K3 for some other projects over the weekend. First among these was a looming deadline (Two weeks till a birthday) … with next weekend being a taking care of mom weekend (away from home) – I really wanted to push through getting this latest version of Blübbnar Haggis painted and based for a gift.

I wanted a change from the Blübbnar I painted for my wife last Christmas – this one is Gold with color shifting spots instead of the eyes all over the body. I had printed a base last year that I didn’t use so that became the base for a winter ice flow. The wire bundled up as a halo was just an accident that I thought looked good… so I incorporated it in. It isn’t quite done – I am still adding details and snow powder to the base – but this will be done this week – IT MUST! lol.

I played a game of Bolt Action with my son last week – He played Imperial Japanese and I played the USMC… it was a short game – I was slaughtered. Dice as well as my own brain failed me badly. I decided to retool my army after this game.

I really couldn’t get any traction with my units – and after switching to some smaller units for flexibility I found that I really need to find a better middle ground between full sized units and minimum sized. In every engagement I was lacking. I also found myself making assumptions about the terrain and its protections it afforded me. My son and I had not spent time going over terrain – which probably should have been done at the start of the game. We vowed to be more diligent about terrain stuff next time.

In light of my woes with my current USMC list I decided to tool my list more specifically to fight the Imperial Japanese. This would mean I needed larger units – and more blast templates lol.

I found a M7 Priest (mobile howitzer) on MyMiniFactory – which seemed to fit the bill when thinking about blast weapons. It has a version with mounted crew and unmounted crew – as well as the crew figures. I printed it without the crew for ease of painting both the vehicle and the crewmen.

The M7 printed really cleanly… and sizing to my other tanks was very good. I cleaned it up and cured with UV and gave it a day to sit before priming and base colors by airbrush.

After airbrushing with 3 colors of army greens – I painted and washed the tank over Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon I finished up the vehicle with airbrush stenciling – and some more simple washes of rust and grime. Here is a shot with the crew … which are only zenithal primed at this point. They will finish up pretty quickly with contrast paints as I have done on the rest of my USMC army.

I picked up a medium howitzer for the marines as well – a Warlord standard mini… It was a quick build and prime. Again the crew is primed – and I am building a custom base for this one. I should have it completed this week as well.

After this sidetracking over the weekend to work on a gift and these Bolt Action marines – I should get back to working on the Dark-Age Kulkulkani… we will see.


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