This Week in Hobby — 06.03.22

This Week has been one of those short post holiday weeks that feel slow and long. I spent my last weekend (3 day Memorial Day Weekend in the US) at my moms – taking care of her over Friday evening to Monday noonish. I have felt pretty tired the rest of this week – trying to catch up on sleep and still get motivated to get back on some hobby project time.

This past week I have continued to work through my Dark-Age Kulkulkani. I have had the entire faction on my painting table taking up space for about a year now I think – it is high time I got them finished and off the bench. I am nearing halfway through the army… I have concentrated on the larger minis to start with – then I have been slowly working through each group of smaller figures as I go.

The Kulkulkani Which Are Painted


The Kulkulkani Which Need To Be Finished

Over the last holiday weekend I brought along this model Corsair to make some progress on for my USMC Bolt Action army. The Corsair is flavorful for the Marines in the Pacific islands – and I wanted to have one near scale for my army partially as a show piece and also to be used when I have my Air Craft Forward Observer in my list calling in airstrikes. After 2 nights of slow progress I have things in a good spot to get some primer and base coloring some parts. I hope to have this model completed before my next Bolt-Action game day.

I finished up the Kulkulkani Honor Guard and the lone Kulkulkani Living Ancestor on Tuesday … I think that they fit in will with the rest of the army that I have finished – and I am thrilled with how well the Kulkulkani are looking as a group.

To continue with the Kulkulkani I started working on the Doom Seer and the 3 Devoted Priests I hope to wrap them up either tonight or this weekend. The all really just need some grass tufts and some other details polished up.

I find myself slowly loosing patience for finishing these Kulkulkani to a high tabletop standard. I need to remain focused and patient – and to avoid jumping away from finishing this army up. I feel like if I can just remain focused… I will wrap the entire army up in just a couple more weeks. I has been a struggle of late to really remained focused. I did take a few hobby hacks when painting the K3 – some of I learned on my Bolt-Action USMC and some just knowing my process better. I spend a weekend or so assembling the K3 last year. A few weeks after that I airbrushed base colors on all of them. A month or slow later I think I did some assembly line work on the bases and getting some other base colors with contrast paints on them.

I am not sure as to the entire timeline with the K3 army – but it has been a hear of slow progress when I was in the mood to work on them. I shifted direction with the overall paint scheme on them a few times. I didn’t like something … and instead of pushing through it I just set them aside until something came to me about what it needed.

Shifting to a trimmed down scheme really helped. I went to a gold for just about everything that wasn’t cloth or “skin”. I added yellow as an alternate color on some models – but otherwise I stuck with green and blue/yellow green hues for the basing as well as glowing highlights. These simple changes should have been obvious to me from the start. I am not sure why the process cycles around issues from time to time on color or schemes… but I have gotten better at noticing that I am not happy with something – and simply setting it aside until I find my way back to the project with a fresher outlook.

The Bolt-Action US Marine army really pushed me into a clearer mindset … and probably helped teach myself about the things I already knew – but wasn’t taking advantage of with my process. The marines all have uniforms which were easy to replicate with contrast paints. Accepting a tabletop standard also pushed me to move on through some army projects. All-in-all I feel like I have grown over the past year within my hobby. Always challenge yourself and your push your capabilities within your hobby… especially when you find yourself dragging though projects without passion or enthusiasm.

Good luck.


3 thoughts on “This Week in Hobby — 06.03.22”

    1. yeah – well you can get an Air forward observer – but the warlord doesn’t have planes to pick up. 1:48 scale is a common accepted size – so that’s what I went with.
      The rules for an airstrike is typically a one time event – with things being fairly abstract. But you know me… I needs that plane to be real!

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