This Week in Hobby — 05.26.22

This Week in Hobby — 05.26.22

Well this week I have continued to push through my DarkAge Kulkukani. I wrapped up the Coatlai early in the week – trying to match the scheme and feel of the Cabrakan. Sticking with the base of teals – lots of gold and greens. I have made sure to have some blood red accents where I can to further unite the faction.

I am happy with how the Coatlai turned out – basic yet a finished feel to the mini. I like this mini – I wish I would have spent a bit more time trying to reform the wings. A bit of time with hot water I could have probably got a bit of curl to them that would have been kinda cool I think. – Hindsight … ugh.

I jumped into finishing up the Kulkulkani Ah Chu Kuk and Tuucha’nak next. The same basic paint as the rest of the Kulkulkani … A quick wash of a dark green / blue and then its mostly highlights and gold.

Again the Red bit to add some pop to each figure where I could manage it. On the Tuucha’nak I made due with making the “hooves” – ? Look like some translucent ruby stone. It will be hard to pick up on from the standing mini. But I really didn’t see a different spot to add it.

After those two I spent an afternoon making three Coatlanak fit the overall faction theme – using the larger Coatlai’s paint as a guide. I was surprised as to how quickly they came together.

By Wednesday, I started working on these two Kulkulkani Honor Guard and the lone Kulkulkani Living Ancestor. I am hoping to wrap these 3 up before Friday – otherwise I will be looking to call them done by Monday next week.

That is it on the painting hobby this week so far. I have not gotten a game so far this week of anything… over the weekend I am hoping to try to get a board game on the table and to work on a model plane for my USMC Bolt action army.


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