This Week in Hobby — 05.17.22

This Week in Hobby — 05.17.22

It has been only a week… but yet here is a new blog post lol. I made some progress this week in the Hobby area so I thought I would make a post without waiting for a month this time.

Lately I have been trying to clear off my painting bench of lingering projects. In the background of many photos over the last several months… has been the Kukulkani DarkAge faction (all of the minis produced). They are based colored and have some basic details pulled out with Gold as well. I started going through the minis looking for re-igniting some inspiration to get them done.

I stared by adding a bit more gold to contrast with the teal I had already airbrushed on last year. Then I picked up the big guy and spend a few nights last week finishing it up. The Kukulkani Cabrakan is a beast. I am sure it is the biggest / tallest mini made for the DarkAge line. I loved getting it done.

I got another game of Bolt Action with my son…

I lost again – I am reworking my list and I will try again this week. I am having a hard time visually meshing my tactics with reality of the rules – versus my decades long 40k play. I will get there – but it will take finding a list that will pull me away from my “natural / conditioned” GW wargaming mindset. It doesn’t help that I usually like skirmish games more than 20+ figure games. The older I get – the more I like fewer rules and figures lol. And – I like painting more than playing.

On the plus side – I am finally playing one of my kids on a regular basis. I have been helping my son with gathering paints and setting up his own painting station at his place. Which I have to say is very cool. As a geek dad I am really happy to see the boy become a man – and a wargaming geek as well. My job is mostly done now right?!

My son plays more Bolt Action than I do – and he plays regularly with a couple folks whom know how to play Bolt Action. He is learning the game from them – he is / has learned to hobby from me. I have started to ask him for help with my Bolt Action lists and tips after we play a game… it is an awesome time for me and my hobby.

Lastly, I have run out of room for the multitudes of multiplying paints in my hobby area. Seriously, I went through and gave any double bottles or pots to my son last week. And I still needed to print up a new set of wall paint racks for my airbrush paints next to my airbrush station. I also ordered another bench top paint wrack for more GW Airbush paint pots. On top of all that I had do something about the growing Contrast paint bots filling up a corner of my bench… I can’t use my paint pot racks – and I had no more room in my older MDF racks. I did more searching for STL / 3D printed solutions on Thingiverse and the Prusa Prints sites for anything that may work.

I found this spinning rack on thingiverse… I didn’t like the base so I used a different spinning rack design for the bottom.

It turned out pretty good – It has 12 spots for GW sized paint pots on each level. I added a 3rd level for some AV washes and effects. The center is a 5/16″ threaded rod – which I cut down to fit. I added a lock nut on the bottom and some PVC pipe cut down for space on each level to easily get pots in and out. The handle nob on top allows me to pick the whole thing up and move all the paints out of my way.


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