Trying to De-Clutter my Hobby — It’s “Like Herding Cats…”

Wikipedia defines it as … “An idiom denoting a futile attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are inherently uncontrollable—as in the difficulty of attempting to command individual cats into a group (herd)”.

In my hobby life … all the different forks my interests take — it never erases the fork before the last fork. It only seems to create more forks or “cats” – I guess – hobbies that I seem to be involved with.

As of late, I find myself pulled from one rabbit hole to the next – or one interest into another quite rapidly. I have been trying to focus and de-clutter over the last few months and not really making much headway. I really need to start clearing the cutter – and I have been trying to define ways to help me go about de-cluttering.

My inertia in this endeavor has me leaning into “de-cluttering” my hobby area. By brining organization to the collections I may better see a path forward. So far I have been gathering stuff that are in my way – projects on the bench top that I have left flounder. Then I figure out where and why I stopped the project and then decide if the thing still has some interest for me. If I still have an interest in the project then I will try and push through whatever had me stalled on the project. Thus I can clear the bench of this particular mess and “complete” the stalled project.

So far this has helped me push through 2 stalled projects this new year. The old Apple ][e has been waiting for me to hook up my emulator and clean the old computer to have it all working properly. The intention is to be able to noodle around on the Apple I remember when I was growing up. Technically, an Apple][e was the second computer I owned as a teenager (my first was a Ti-99-4A). I still have the Ti – but this Apple][e is one of my friends family computers. I was gifted the Apple][e along with an old Lisa many years ago. Long story short, I got the ol’ Apple][e in working order – and it all runs smoothly. I am still hunting for a joystick that works – but otherwise things work well and contained in its area.

The next bit of de-cluttering was a raspberry pi project… first this was going to be used for a little Apple 3D printed pi emulator project I had thought of doing. I then remembered my dead Octopi project using a smaller Raspberry pi zero W – attached to my 3D printer… the pi zero turned out to be to weak for the project and I dismantled it a couple years ago. But after watching a video of OCTODASH … a plug-in / front end for Octopi I knew I needed to get the Octopi project back on track with the Pi 4 that I had been thinking about using with the little apple emulator.

I found a nice 7″ touch LCD and rebuilt the system on my pi 4 last week – and this week I have the whole thing working under the Octodash build. I attached my pi camera and so far everything is working well. I still need to tidy up the wires, LCD and Pi – but I will do that when I tear down the enclosure area for some printer upgrades (MMU2 for the Prusa i3 Mk3S). So now the pi mess on my bench is taking up less space – and I have Octodash / Octopi working to make life a bit easier with the 3D printer. I am hoping to use the pi zero as an Apple][ emulator – but I may have to box that project up for later – while I continue to de-clutter.

While I slowly try to hack thru my many stalled and future looming projects I did take some time to continue working on current projects.

First on my list is getting my USMC ready for Bolt Action. My son is feverishly pushing through his Imperial Japanese force – so I need to keep pace so we can start playing the game at some point.

I’ve got my “Duce” together with magnetized options. Also have a “Crocodile” Sherman tank – (flame thrower). I have some field artillery, 2 10 man squads and a truck yet to assemble. I’ve primed in batches after adding some basic basing mud. I plan to paint after everything is built and primed.

I picked up a couple STLs for Forbidden Psalm. They printed really nice and I got them assembled and “zenithal primed”. They are based – I plan on using washes & contrast paints to finish them up

Star Schock Kickstarter… my minis finally came in.

Another box cluttering the bench was these wonderful metal minis from the Star Schlock Kickstarter. I assembled them and got them onto some regular 28mm bases. My plan for these from the start was for StarGrave. They are in line to work on. But I need to find a box for them until finish up my Bolt Action USMC.

New projects

The next project is finally getting around to cleaning up my computer desktop. The STL clutter is crazy on there. One of the files I’ve been hanging on for a couple years is this wonderful sculpt of “Darth Grogu“. I fantastic fan made model. Built from this illustration.

The sculpt was a bit larger than I wanted. So this is at 75%. I had very few issues with the print but it took 3 separate sessions on the printer to get all the parts printed.

After each run was washed – dried and then cured I filed and filled any oddities from printing. Then I assembled the main parts. I’m keeping the rock base and Grogu separately assembled for priming & painting.

My only real issue was the lever nob broke up gf from his hand. But referring to the original illustration I can see that it being connected to the hand was for ease of the 3d printing. So with the break I decided to just use some fishing line to “levitate” the ball.

Dark Grogu assembled and base primer

I started zeinthal priming the rock base and Grogu last night. I’m hoping to wrap up basic colors with my airbrush next week. More on this next time.

I’m finding a few new tools to help me de-clutter my hobby. I’m running through some software- testing to see if it will work. But I’ll leave that for next time as well.


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