Thoughts from the year that was … (2021 edition)

My least favorite things of the last year…

Jan 6, Covid, Climate Change – enough has been said about all three … so I don’t need to ramble on about any of it.

Favorites of this year …

I like to listen to audio books while I work (when running a digital press) and while I hobby – this year I listened to 28 books between podcasts and YouTube stuff.

My favorite listens (Audiobooks & Podcasts)

Fiction: The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

This book was fantastic – and didn’t follow the same repeated troupes I get tired of. It was fresh and I really had a hard time stopping or putting the story down. I really enjoyed this tale.

Non-Fiction: Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff

Where was this book when I had little ones running around – this was a great listen. A well researched – and concise real life examples. Showing how a variety of parenting styles from all over the world can be done – without going against the natural two way parent / child relationship.

PodCasts: AARPG (Advanced Age Roleplaying Gamers Podcast )

Discovered these guys while looking for a good Twilight:2000 podcasts – to help me get a handle on the new edition that I am now GMing for my group. Simply a great group of long time players – whom know each other well. Audio gets better as it goes – and it was a fun listen all the way through the Twilight:2000 campaign. The Aliens campaign was also great – they just started a D&D campaign and so far its going well.

Youtube Stuff – in no real order … just ones I really enjoy


Adam Savage seems like he speaks right to my mind as a creative maker and the whole cast of other makers on this channel really make me feel enabled and inspired to get busy in my shop and hobby.

Tabletop Minions

“Uncle Atom” – we are similar in age, career and in some of the things we like to do within the hobby. I watch / listen to all of this posts and really feel like we would have shared time in a gaming club if we were both local to the same place. Always entertaining and usually informative.

Kirsten Dirksen

Throughout the world – innovators and real people just living and making their place in this world. Always a great story – well worth my time and attention. I feel better about the people on this world when I watch.

… all 3 are must watches for me.

Other Media … Currently watching the last season of The Expanse – simply love this show / story. I will miss this show and the characters I have grown to love. The personal interactions with each of the characters – it is just well written, directed and acted.

We just stream shows & TV – so we plow through and binge watch all sorts of crud – we generally keep up with the latest stuff that appeals to our particular genres.

Hobby, Gaming & The Rest

3D Printing
I am really still loving the whole 3D printing thing – its really enjoyable. I have an FDM and a Resin printer – and each have their own quirks. I feel like this new tech and learning keeps my brain working on creative ways for problems.

Slot Cars
This took me by surprise – just how much I enjoy the hobby connection with the cars and my love of building terrain and stuff. I am looking forward to where this branch in my hobby tree grows.

Small press games
The basic flood of small press miniature games is just awesome. Some new and some just new to me. I feel a new freedom to paint and create stuff – in more than one companies universe. I blame my own laziness – but I should have stretched my gaming chops long long ago. Into the new year I have plans to try out more of these games – and actually play them rather than just reading and watching blogs about them.

Looking ahead to 2022 …

I am hoping to focus on correcting my past mistakes … less pokers in the fire, less candles burning at multiple ends. More focus and less chaff. I need to continue thinning my piles of shame by selling off what I really have no intention to follow through on.

Last year – I was pretty disappointed in myself with how I used my summer visitation time. I really feel bad about how indecisive I was and how spread out I was. I just didn’t get things on the table to play – I didn’t grow my hobby with my kids and I am almost angry at myself by the time I squandered.

I need to get more organized overall so I can be better prepared to engage with my family when those precious moments arrive. It is simply unforgivable to not address and fix this problem I have with myself. How I do this I am unsure – I will be spending the next couple weeks really trying to get to the kernel and take steps to rectify it.

I never want to have another season slide through my hands and feel like I do. Time isn’t something we can waste. Time with our kids – time with family and friends sharing in the fun things. As a mostly introverted gamer / hobbyist … it is way to easy to turtle up and just do our thing at our workbench… alone. I know for me – 14-16 days of COVID lock-downs wasn’t something to be upset about. I (and I would guess many other mini-gamers) was kinda happy lol. I spend hours just thinking what I would get done with several weeks under lock down lol.

I did get some stuff done early on. But then I started to spread myself thin (normal) and then I got lost in the minutia of “what could be” vs “what is”. As an aging gamer … I hope I can see with some wisdom that sometimes you have to get out… and share your hobby with family and friends. Not your gaming community – but those other folks in your life.

Going into next year I am hoping to break out of this rut.

2022 “Hobby Bucket List”

For 2022 I am not putting down any real goals — I want to do better than I feel I did last year. But I am making a personal & hobby “Bucket List” … just a rough list of things I would like to do in the year ahead. If I can check some things off that list I will feel better about things lol. This list will be in no real order – except in the order they come to my mind while I type (which could be something of an order I guess).

[ ] Finish my Bolt Action force (USMC) and play in at least one of the local game day events.

[ ] Saga – Finish Norman and Viking factions (based and primer) – paint one and play.

[ ] Forbidden Psalm basic party and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ] Micro Gas Lands board … complete this stalled set – all the parts are there to get it done.

[ ] EPIC! – play – paint – PLAY!

[ ] Star Grave basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ] Frost Grave basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ] Paint more Arena Rex factions – PLAY!

[ ] Slot Car track – table – get it set and into a functioning track — get it to a spot where I can tinker and slowly work on details over time.

[ ] SLUDGE / Turnip War … build 2 viable starter forces – PLAY.

[ ] Silver Bayonet basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ] Five Parsecs From Home basic crew and foes complete (painted) and play a game?

[ ] Sell off hobby stuff – 40k Eldar and other items not painted. I have one buyer set up – I need to nail down the stuff I am selling and a price. This list has grown since I have stepped away from 40k.

[ ] Continue organizing hobby shop – places for existing stuff – remove old junk taking up space.

I am sure there is more to this list but that is good for now. If I find myself knocking a few things off this list before mid year I may add more items at that point. 14 items by my count – I am hoping I can get at least one checked off the list – but 4 or 5 would be awesome.

Have yourself a safe and sane New Years … see you all in 2022.


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    • hehe – yeah – these days its doing more as a storage table lol. I need to get it cleared off again as soon as I get done updating my 3d printer residence.

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