My Hobby Year – Wrap up

It has been a long and stressful year for most of us – dealing with political stress and conflict in the US – dealing with COVID stress … and people. As well as working through our daily grind. It is nice to have a hobby or maker space to take our minds off reality for a bit of time each week. I am lucky enough to have a space to do my hobby things and a wife and partner that gives me the time to do so.

These days I have just about reached my limit in dealing with our new reality (Covid and indifferent attitudes & empathy towards others). It is nice to emotionally shell up… and isolate – and avoid the realities from time to time. Normal hobby geeks like me initially didn’t see the shutdown as a big deal – many of us welcomed it. I know I did.

Well its been almost 2 years in this bubble – sequestered and growing tired of it. I have been trying to refocus myself and my hobby over the last 6 months. Last year I feel like I squandered my time – and next year I really want to whittle down the “fat” or waste in my hobby – and concentrate on the “good stuff” within my hobby. As I have said in a few blog posts recently – I am tired of things in my hobby that dominate my time, money and energy. I want to do more with less – and to be better prepared for fun times with the hobbies I do focus on. Above all else – I don’t want to squander time when I have moments to share with my kids or friends.

Looking back to my hobby this past year – I know I have felt spread kinda thin here and there. I want to focus and get things down to a more manageable handful. I have moved away from 40k for now – maybe for good. I have started work on replacements for that particular wargaming itch.

I have started building my USMC for Bolt Action – I went and observed a local tourney a couple weeks ago and the game looks to play great. The awesome thing about Bolt Action is that there is a local (within 10 miles) group that plays regularly.

I went a little crazy on eBay and finalized a pretty flexible 1000+ army of Marines with options (1500 actual points or so to work with). My son still needs to build his Imperial Japanese which he also plans on expanding up to around 1000pts for the local games day scene.

Along with Bolt Action – I finally got around to building my starter sets for SAGA – Viking Age. I have build 6pts of Norman forces along with a 6pt force of standard Vikings. I had planned form the beginning to build 2 forces to make it easier to show others the game and get them playing with me. Last weekend my son and I went for an hour drive north of my home to check out a tourney for SAGA – it again looks like a great game to have some fun with. We are hoping to get some learning games in over the next week of holidays.

SAGA! – Viking Age

3D printing is a growing love of my hobby time – and for Christmas I printed and built these mushroom lamps (stl) for my grandkids.

The parts printed easily and after a combined 30 some hours for things to print – final assembly took just a few minutes. I am planning on making another lamp soon – it was just too fun.

With more testing my newer resin printer I got some pretty nice prints done to paint. I loved this guy with the sword and these 3 hounds (kroot hound look-a-likes). They printed with great detail and primed up good. I found some skull filled bases and had some fun evenings with them in my painting rotation. I don’t figure they are done yet – but they look pretty great.

Along with the other prints – I started following this blogger on YouTube – and after seeing this video of his Blübbnar Haggis, The Christmas Spawn – felt compelled to support him on Patreon and to download the STL – and complete my own Blübbnar. It is blogs like this that make me feel better about society and the people within it.

Billion Dollar Clown Farm is a classic 40k Ork obsessed – stream of consciousness (or delirium) blog – of creative goodness. Don’t watch if your averse to late night last minute tournament prep painting, drinking… midnight sushi runs… or gibberish) But really – this is one of my favorite personal discoveries for this year – he’s great and my wife an I love to watch his passionate – fever laden episodes.

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