November Hobby Wrap-Up

Well it has been another long stretch without a blog update. So before this month is over I wanted to get something up on this blog. I have been busy – with life and hobby stuff… here is the basics of what got done in my hobby over the last 3-4 weeks.

The first thing I worked on was a lift mechanism for my slot car track build. I wanted to be able to get the lift off the work table but not to have to take everything apart to do it. I have seen that other slot track folks have their tracks on lifts. I set about to work up something for my own needs.

I picked up some structural struts used for electrical work – supports. It is fairly heavy duty & ridged stuff – with bolt slots and places to fasten things to. I used the struts for the rails across my ceiling joists and as the framework for the stable support. The table is 2″ foam insulation – so this thing is meant to keep the weight down.

After I got all the supports in place I ran some strong cable through a set of blocks / pulleys – and up to a electric winch I mounted high on one side of the room. I had to re-locate some of my shop lights and the ceiling fan – but it all seems to be working well. I need to make some adjustments to the set-up… but overall it is what I wanted.

I will be slowly adding scenery to the table top with the slot track – and I will work something up for the 2″ foam edge as well. Underneath I decided to cover the pink foam with some old labeling veneer that I had laying about. I also added some LED accent lighting that may be nice when playing a war-game or playing on the pool table when I have the work table top removed.

I still have quite a bit to do on this table top mechanism… but for now it all works and I have the ability to quickly clear out the track lol.

I also spent some time painting – I started the month by digging into my Kukulkani for Dark-Age. The K9 are a really flavorful faction – and the airbrush made short work of getting everything base coats of color. My next step was to add some grey/blue washes to really pull out some details. I followed that up with contrast paints to give some basic blocks of color. After all that I started adding detail to each mini as I work through them. These are still on the table – waiting for me to finish them.

In the middle of the K9 painting I jumped over to finishing up some CORE units for Dark-Age that I found while cleaning up my bench top.

I have started to collect and paint random encounters for Forbidden Psalm. I started with a set of GW Skeletons – easy to assemble and paint. Zenithal priming followed up with Contrast paints made really short work of these skeletons. It was a fun to get them done actually.

I wrapped up last week painting this airplane wreck which I printed on my resin printer probably 2 years ago. I was trying to clean up – and I moved this model more than once – I figured it would be better to paint it lol. Again, probably 3 sessions over a couple days and this piece was looking done. I may add some static grass clumps – but this will be a nice addition to my junk yard themed terrain set.

Last couple things – I have jumped into Bolt Action… by ordering a box I will split with my son. He has been getting into the game with his future possible in-laws – and after watching a few games of it online I decided to jump in. I ordered the Island Invasion box set because my son wanted to do the Japanese forces. I will do the Marines which look just as good as anything else.

I also finally received this … Kickstarter – which my gaming group will be launching a new campaign starting probably next month.


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