What’s Up … My Fall Hobby Thus Far

Well I continued down the rabbit hole that is Slots over the last month or so. I have not played a miniature war-game of any sort in well near two full months now. My most recent regular opponent has had some family things come up – and he had told me that they were moving a bit further south as well. I have had my table covered with the slot car layout build and so I really have not had the space to war-game at home. With the resurgent COVID outbreaks – I have not pursued gaming at a local game store or at a gaming club. To tell the truth – I have not even painted a mini in the last couple months either … although I have bought a few 🙂

What have I been doing? Slot Cars lol… Building the basic foundation of my track layout table – using 2″ insulation foam as my base. I sized the table to 6′ x 10′ to fit my planned layout. It took a weekend to get things set up for testing the track layout.

I have been playing with the layout and fussing over elevation changes and tweaking each length of track and how it sits on the layout … adding camber or other supports to fine tune things. This has taken the better part of a month to get things “playing” just right.

My last few additions have been converting 3 sets of the corners to banked 10º turns which has helped with keeping cars from popping off the track of “de-slotting”. The track has changed slightly since I build my layout. Mostly because of the banked curves and a slight layout sequence change. Overall I am pretty happy with the layout and the progress.

I had the my son and some grandkids running cars as a practical test to how well things are dialed in for running cars without constantly having cars jumping off the track and things went as well as could be expected with two of the racers being 6 years old or less lol.

My next stage will be to add some electrical struts below the foam base to support the track when I make the pull system to raise the track up and store it when not in use above the pool table / work table.

After that process is completed and in working order – I will start the process on locking in the track layout and supports for the permanent set up. This will involve setting up some locking mechanisms to keep the track from moving around. Along with that I will start the process of filling in the terrain around the track layout itself. More foam insulation carving – and some spay foam to start with the get all the structure of the layout complete. AND PAINT – I am already tired of looking at the pink/purple foam – I will get it all painted grey and brown first chance I get.


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